The Learning World of Krystie and Thomas

The Learning World of Krystie and Thomas Launches on Indiegogo

The Learning World of Krystie and Thomas bring money, character, safety and manners in a new, exciting way never seen before!


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/04/2012 -- Wealth Navigator University, the company behind The Learning World of Krystie and Thomas, today introduced the next generation of children’s books and interactive CDs. They are the first to offer all four series of books with CDs that can also be accessed by the latest in technology; all four series also offer colouring books and stickers. The series features four strong topics: good character, manners, money and safety.

The Learning World of Krystie and Thomas was written for the 21st century. Its storylines have taken into account the issues that many children face in today’s society and what children in today’s world can relate to. The Learning World of Krystie and Thomas is also compatible with the latest technology, giving children, parents, caregivers and educators alike the ability to access these must have series through their Ipads, IPhones, android tablets/phones and on the world wide web. The CDs are perfect for families that are always on the go, as they can be played while in the car, airplane or pretty much anywhere. These products were designed to seamlessly blend into everyday life.

Krystie, Thomas and friends get a healthy start by making smart decisions. They begin this path with the help of their mentors: their parents, and their teacher, Mrs. Sparks. The children experience everything from setting financial goals to conducting themselves with integrity, learning how to be safe on the internet, bullying and how to deal with it and everything else in between.

The Learning World of Krystie and Thomas launched on Indiegogo on October 2nd, 2012. Prices start at $10. The books with interactive audios, colouring books and stickers are all available in 4 Series: money, good character, manners and safety. There will also be a comic book to be voted on by backers. One book with interactive CD will retail for $14.95 when they go on sale in the new year.

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Wealth Navigator University is a brand new, soon to be released web program, that is committed to providing adults, students and children with useful information that will enable them to lead richer, safer and happier lives by providing useful up to date news, education, tools and resources in finances, business, life lessons and much more.

Person name: Rosemarie Benjamin,
Company name: Wealth Navigator University