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The Legend of Atticus Rex: New Fantasy Trilogy Proves That Humans No Longer Stand Alone.

Bound with an antique leather-looking cover and embedded with a precious amulet, the first instalment of ‘The Legend of Atticus Rex’ trilogy by Philippe de Vosjoli showcases a fierce battle where the Earth’s future is at stake.


Vista, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2012 -- Rarely does a book as intriguing as ‘The Amulet’ roll off the press. As the first instalment of a compelling new trilogy titled ‘The Legend of Atticus Rex’, the case-bound volume is awe-inspiring before it’s ever opened.

With pages resembling ancient parchment and bearing the same amulet that inspired its title, the book transports readers deep into an intricate world of fierce fantasy.


For those frightened by night shadows, Atticus Rex Protects! In Book I of this trilogy set in Roman Times, the Great Spirit Dog, Atticus Rex, is summoned from the Underworld to protect life on Earth and vanquish wicked shadow creatures brought forth by evil Volgoths. Together with Atticus Rex, young Gabriel overcomes his fears of the most terrifying shadows and uses his skills to join the battle and defeat them.

Action, and mystery abound in this fast-paced, illustrated thriller sure to grab and hold the attention of all, while the detachable Atticus Rex Amulet provides protection from the shadows. It’s a tale of adventure in a fantastical world as well as an engaging, easy-to-read page-turner for both preteens and teenagers. This coming-of-age story will especially appeal to boys and to those with a thrill-seeking spirit. A perfect treasure that will not disappoint with a cover that demands to be held.

As the author explains, young readers quickly become drawn into the book’s exciting and engaging world.

“The protagonist overcomes his fear of the dark and of shadows in his room, after knowing he's not alone. The key to having Atticus Rex protect you is to have his image with you, and to be pure of heart,” says de Vosjoli, who wrote the book for children aged seven and up.

Continuing, “Kids can feel empowered by having their own image of the Super-Spirit Dog, Atticus Rex. As their ally, The King of Dogs helps those with fears of the dark by providing them with the additional powers of Atticus Rex.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of five-star reviews.

“We were very impressed first by the high quality of the book and the amulet, and second thrilled by the story, beautiful art work, and creative world that we were transported into with this story. We read it all in one setting, it is a great page turner and we can't wait to read the next book,” says Tamara B, who reviewed the book online.

The Children’s Book Review was equally as impressed. They said that, “Author Philippe de Vosjoli has well imagined his Roman setting and the imaginary creatures that exist in the worlds he has created in the first book of his trilogy, The Legend of Atticus Rex—Iborra’s rich color illustrations add depth too, along with the detachable Atticus Rex Amulet that can be removed from the intriguing book cover.”

With so much success on his hands, de Vosjoli refuses to lose sight of what is important.

“At the end of the day, my aim is to give young readers a compelling reading experience and to provide them with all the encouragement and strength that Atticus Rex has to offer”, he concludes.

‘The Legend of Atticus Rex Book I: The Amulet’, published by Advanced Vision, Inc, is available at your favorite local bookstore and Amazon.com.

A video trailer is also available online at the trilogy’s official website: http://www.AtticusRex.com

About the Author
Philippe de Vosjoli has spent the last twenty-five years as a writer, publisher and lecturer focusing on reptiles, amphibians, rare plants and the interrelationships of humans and animals. With more than a half million books in print he is the bestselling author of thirty-five titles instrumental in popularizing these specialized topics. He is currently finishing several works of fiction, including the Cyberbardos, an adult novel to be released in the spring of 2013, and book two in the trilogy, The Legend of Atticus Rex: The Umbrum.