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The Letter Advocate Now Offering IRS Letter Writing Services for Summer 2014


Hillsborough, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2014 -- The Letter Advocate is now offering IRS letter writing services for summer 2014. The company gives their customers the opportunity to settle IRS collections, business disputes, or denied medical claims without the exorbitant expense of hiring a lawyer. It’s difficult for an ordinary citizen to stand up to claims from the IRS on his or her own. The Letter Advocate has experience in negotiating these cases and getting their clients’ names cleared.

The IRS does make mistakes, and many clients find themselves accused of owing taxes or not reporting income when in fact they have proof that they are up to date. The Letter Advocate knows how to properly structure correspondence to the IRS to effectively communicate the dispute and demonstrate where the agency went wrong. They will also suggest at the direction of the client, on what documents to enclose in order to support their case.

While lawyers and law firms can be helpful is resolving disputes, the experience is often not worth the trouble ultimately because the client has to pay such a large fee to the lawyer anyway. Hire the Letter Advocate for a fraction of the cost and resolve tax issues independently, getting identical or better results than a lawyer would.

The Letter Advocate provides dispute letters for everyday issues as well, including insurance company disability appeal letters (long and short term), bank account charge off collection disputes, past due credit cards, and collection company response letters or disputes for public or private companies.

For more information on debt negotiation letter service from The Letter Advocate visit them online or call 866-586-1162.

About The Letter Advocate
The Letter Advocate is a letter-writing service that resolves issues including business disputes and IRS notices by drafting custom correspondences for their clients to utilize for their specific situation. They offer a convenient resource for those who do not have the time or experience to handle these disputes on their own. All letters are custom designed at the direction of the client.

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