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The Light from Maggie's View - Acclaimed Murder Mystery Proves Even Sleepy Towns Can Easily Awake With Evil

Set in the rolling hills of Hunterdon County, Cheryl Nugent’s latest murder mystery offers a thrilling journey into history, politics and the extraordinary lure of the glamorous estate known as ‘Maggie’s View’.


Orangeburg, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2012 -- Since its official release, Cheryl Nugent’s debut novel has enjoyed a myriad of successes. From a place in the final of 2008’s Rupert Hughes Award for Fiction to its ongoing demand at bookstores, people from all walks of life are eager to find out what’s so chilling about ‘The Light From Maggie’s View’.

Set in the 1950’s, the murder mystery takes place in the fictional country town of Kentbury, nestled among the real-life rolling hills of Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

For best friends Veronica “Ricky” Cooper and Ann Sympson, their quaint little town invites exploring. But just after they visit the picturesque estate of Maggie’s View, both the girls and their town are sent reeling when the body of a teenage girl is found there and Ricky and Ann are quickly in the middle of it all!

In spite of their loving friends and family, darkness and betrayal creep into their lives, chipping away at their innocence. And as the doors of Maggie’s View open for Ricky and Ann, it is there they will find solace, comfort and begin to see the world of possibilities beyond the small town of Kentbury.

When Ricky and Ann naively walk into the murderer’s web of treachery, it is up to the good people of Kentbury, and their friends at Maggie’s View to make sure Ricky and Ann are not the next victims. But can they outwit the killer who lives among them?

Those wanting to know more will need to buy the book. Readers will be exposed to a world that puts a fateful spin on the traditional image of the charming country town:

“The book is fast-paced as it takes readers into a world they are familiar with, - safe, comfortable and predictable, but quickly turns that world upside down when they realize a murderer is in their midst,” says Nugent, who used her intimate knowledge of the Hunterdon County area to make the novel truly come to life.

Continuing, “Readers are invited to enjoy gentle history lessons, meet colorful personalities and discover the evil that can exist, even in a quiet little country town.”

Having been delighted by the book’s popularity, Nugent has recently announced that more stories are coming in a series of books entitled, The Kentbury Mysteries. Old Gorge Road, a prequel that introduces Chief of Police Terry Kramer, is currently being penned and a third is in the works. Nugent is hoping that both locals and murder mystery fans around the world will become engrossed with the ongoing tribulations of life in Kentbury.

These well-crafted mysteries will appeal to everyone. From older readers who will appreciate stories set in that transforming era after WWII, to history buffs and to those who just enjoy a good scare. “The Kentbury Mysteries will be offering surprises for many years to come,” Nugent adds.

The Light From Maggie’s View is published by iUniverse and is available now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle Store, Google Books and other good retailers in the United States and the United Kingdom.

ISBN: 1475926340

About the Author: Cheryl Nugent
As the wife of a US diplomat, Cheryl Nugent has lived in Burma, Thailand, China, Australia, Paraguay, and the island country of Palau. She has a son, daughter, and two grandchildren. She enjoys cooking, entertaining and hunting for that next great antique!

She and her husband share their South Carolina home with various rescue dogs and cats. Her book, The Light From Maggie's View, was a finalist for the Rupert Hughes Award for Fiction in 2008.