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The Lindenberger Group Advises Job Seekers How to Decide when to Accept a Job Offer


Titusville, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2017 -- Just because one receives a job offer does not mean they must accept it. The Lindenberger Group's career coaching experts explain that there are many variables involved with making the decision to accept a job offer. This may make the choice seem even more impossible or conflicted; however, the Lindenberger Group, with experience in human resources coaching in Philadelphia, suggests making a list of important criteria specific to the person's requirements.

This list can include items like benefits, travel time, wage/salary, or even the coworkers they will be working alongside. If some of these things are not up to par, then the offer may not be one that they accept. There are many other ideas to take into consideration as well. If the company that is offering employment is not stable and the one receiving the job offer has a family or children they are responsible for, then perhaps accepting that job does not seem like the best choice for them. Wherein, a person who does not have those things to worry about may be more inclined to take the risk. It can even be depicted conversely; a person with familial responsibilities might love the challenge of a start-up company. It comes down to the fact that making this kind of choice is completely specific to an individual's wants and needs.

If a list is made, an individual will be able to more easily determine if the job offer is one that they feel inclined to accept or not. This process lays it all out on the table and provides an easier and more simple way to look at it from all angles. Please contact the Lindenberger Group right now with any questions! They can be reached at: 609-730-1049 or emailed at: The Lindenberger Group also handles change management in Mercer County as well as career outplacement in New Jersey.

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