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The Lindenberger Group Announces New Virtual Onboarding System


Titusville, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2013 -- Some words to describe the first day at a new job would be stressful, difficult, overwhelming and confusing. Over the course of a year, companies spend countless dollars on the time and manpower needing to be invested into training new employees and short-term employees such as interns, temps and contract workers. The training process involved with hiring this amount of people can often times cause company productivity and efficiency to suffer. This is why The Lindenberger Group, a leading human resources consulting firm, is pleased to announce its new virtual onboarding system.

The award-winning virtual onboarding system, named one of the winners of the 2013 Top HR Products from Human Resource Executive Magazine, offered by The Lindenberger Group allows new employees to get onboard faster and get to work more quickly than ever before. The main goal of the virtual onboarding system is to take away any stress associated with the first day of the job. Employers are able to clarify their expectations more clearly and can inform new employees of the corporate culture that surrounds their work environment. Individuals interested in learning more information about the virtual onboarding system can arrange a demo by contacting or by calling 609-730-1049.

Virtual onboarding presents companies with many benefits that will ensure increased production and efficiency rates throughout the year. By implementing the virtual onboarding system provided by The Lindenberger Group, companies will be able to train new hires at a lower cost and decrease the time needed to hire new employees. The new system also offers more effective mentoring and coaching techniques to all employees who engage in the system. Companies will also have access to multiple real-time reports. Corporate training managers can view the overall environment reports to view the summary and learning information. Department training managers can view the departmental reports which are specifically-designed for employees who visit that department’s specific training center.

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