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The Lindenberger Group Now Offering Back Office Human Resources Support for Startup Businesses


Titusville, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2013 -- It’s quite an accomplishment to open up a business. The first few months are stressful and time consuming to make sure the business is running smoothly and the employees are comfortable. When it comes to human resources and making sure the overall business operations are running smoothly, The Lindenberger Group is pleased to announce they offer back office HR support to startup businesses. As a firm that specializes in providing small businesses and large corporations with employee handbooks and HR audits, The Lindenberger Group will help startups with working as a team and assist in the new hiring process.

Whether retail, restaurant, or a business to business company in an office building, there are a variety of factors to consider when starting a company. An entrepreneur has to invest his or her money in employees, office maintenance, products, and production. What isn’t on their mind is payroll, benefits, amount for bonuses, rules for harassment and discrimination, as well as access for disabled persons. When consulting with The Lindenberger Group, their HR professionals will provide an up-to-date checklist to make sure the company is able to get its feet off the ground with as few complications as possible.

Many times businesses close down due to poor management, mounting bills that far exceed the capital growth, or a poor product. In order for a business to be successful in the competitive marketplace, a plan has to be in place and the business, as well as staff, has to be properly managed. For the employees on staff, The Lindenberger Group is highly experienced in providing team building exercises and training to make sure each employee knows his or her responsibilities and role in the business. The Lindenberger Group provides startup businesses with administrative assistance, and will treat each client with the utmost importance.

The Lindenberger Group’s professional consultants will adapt a plan for workplace rules and regulations, including a risk management program. They understand that developing a business is not an easy task, and even tougher to sustain, so their professionals will work diligently to ensure a strategy and plan is in place. Their service will set the stage for a bright future.

For more information about the human resource services provided by The Lindenberger Group, or to inquire about their extensive e-learning courses on management and communication in the workplace, please contact a representative at 609-730-1049 or visit their website today.

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