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The Lindenberger Group Now Offering Customized Training and Team Building for Winter


Titusville, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2014 -- The Lindenberger Group is now offering exit interview services for winter 2014. When employees quit their jobs, it can be helpful for employers to know what drove the employee to that decision. This will alert business owners to any changes they may need to make in order to improve the organization and keep their remaining employees happy. Exit interviews can reveal if there is harassment or discrimination occurring within the company and enable employers to rectify the situation. However, if a company does not already have an exit interview policy, it can be difficult to start one. That’s why The Lindenberger Group specializes in helping other companies with all the ins and outs of conducting exit interviews.

The Lindenberger Group, a human resource agency in NJ, knows when and how to most effectively hold exit interviews. For instance, it is best not to interview employees until near the end of their final two weeks. This way the departing workers are more inclined to answer questions honestly without worrying about criticism finding its way back to their managers or co-workers while still working. Also, employees’ reasons for leaving will still be fresh in their minds at this point, giving the interviewer a clear picture of the problem.

Do keep in mind that exit interviews are generally reserved for employees who chose voluntarily to leave. Negative feelings from terminated employees may create skewed interview results.

Forbes reports that workers tend to leave jobs looking for stability, higher pay, respect, benefits, and better work/life balance. If a company is lagging in any of these areas, thus causing employees to leave, The Lindenberger Group wants to help them fix the issues. The Lindenberger Group will tailor and personalize their service for each client to develop unique solutions. Come to one of the leading human resource agencies in New Jersey for HR assistance today.

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