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The Lindenberger Group Oversees All HR Responsibilities for Non-Profits


Titusville, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/28/2017 -- Regardless of the industry or specialization, HR is a priority for any company, organization, corporation, or non-profit. The Lindenberger Group exists to bolster and support the efforts of other professionals, leveraging their decades of experience as trusted HR specialists and consultants. The firm's services encompass everything from payroll, recruiting and training of staff, all the way to executive coaching. Clients hail from as far as New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, seeking out guidance and expertise. Non-profit clients are among those currently benefiting from The Lindenberger Group.

Like any other organization, a non-profit must balance its daily duties, alongside necessities like HR. Typically, by the nature of their work, non-profits are less likely to have the funding or the personnel to oversee all HR responsibilities. Because of their limited budgets, staff are often stretched too thin or lack the training that they require to operate as effectively as possible. Ultimately, this tends to result in human errors—some proving disastrous for the non-profit.

By outsourcing their HR to The Lindenberger Group, be it in NJ, NY, or PA, non-profits can ensure their survival, while maintaining their mission and upholding their principles as an organization. The Lindenberger Group gives its clients access to some of the best industry specialists and consultants. As outsiders, their personnel can bring the expertise and the objectivity that non-profits need to pioneer through the most challenging of HR scenarios. While doing so, their consultants are able to identify ways to streamline operations, and correct any violations of state and federal laws.

Any non-profit that is seeking assistance or consultation in the realm of HR should contact The Lindenberger Group at 609-730-1049.

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Since 2001, The Lindenberger Group has been helping small businesses, non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies, taking on projects that can range from a few hours to even several years. They work to solve routine to complex issues, specializing in Human Resources consulting, training, and coaching.

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