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The Lindenberger Group Promotes Respect in the Workplace with Harassment Training


Titusville, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2016 -- Workplaces and offices that are in need of a human resource agency in NJ, due to claims of harassment, bullying, or overall conflict can receive assistance from The Lindenberger Group. Hiring an outside Human Resources expert can assist you in preventing illegal workplace behavior such as harassment, sexual harassment or discrimination. In addition to training, to protect your company, complaints must be promptly investigated and resolved. Turn to an HR firm, like The Lindenberger Group, right away to help with independent and neutral investigations of complaints.

The Lindenberger Group offers a sexual harassment workshop that revolves around the most recent Supreme Court rulings and legal issues. In order to help you avoid lawsuits, this workshop promotes a safe working environment and encourages employees to share potential problems with managers. Managers are trained to prevent and resolve claims of sexual harassment by recognizing the early signs and handling claims and suspicions.

Along with their harassment workshop, the Lindenberger Group can also determine if an organization is in legal compliance by conducting a human resources audit and continuing to assist with ongoing HR support. With a busy schedule, a lot of issues can fall through the cracks without being properly explored. That is when an HR firm, like the Lindenberger Group, can step in and help take care of it.

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The Lindenberger Group also offers mentoring programs in NJ as well as staff assessment in NJ.

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Since 2001, The Lindenberger Group has been helping small businesses, non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies, taking on projects that can range from a few hours to even several years. They work to solve routine to complex issues, specializing in Human Resources consulting, training, and coaching.

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