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The Linen Group Offers First-Rate Commercial Laundry Services in Manchester

The Linen Group, a commercial laundry service provider, offers hoteliers in Manchester automated, eco-friendly and economical services.


Manchester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/10/2021 -- The Linen Group is a private-owned laundry company that was established in 1987. They are top providers of commercial laundry services in Manchester, and they offer laundry services that are reliable and custom-built to their clients' needs. The Linen Group also offers different kinds of linens for various events in Manchester. Such events include exhibitions, weddings, banquets, conferences, dinners and award evenings in all parts of the United Kingdom. Moreover, at The Linen Group, they pay close attention to improving quality control and ensuring it is done effectively. They use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Magic Eye technology, which enables them to detect defective linens.

Answering a query, The Linen Group's spokesperson commented, "At The Linen Group, we are experts at providing customizsed hotel laundry services regardless of if you operate a national chain hotel or manage a family-owned hotel. We are certain of our abilities to offer transformative commercial laundry solutions. With more than 35 years of experience in the laundry industry, The Linen Group today stands as a pioneer of innovative RFID technology in the industry where we serve".

The Linen Group is equipped with state-of-the-art machineries that facilitate the management of chemicals, energy and water. The company incorporates RFID tags and automation technology in their operations. This helps them with lowering wastages, production costs and ensures quality laundry services are delivered. The Linen Group also offers laundry solutions that are economical and eco-friendly. Thus, hoteliers on the lookout for one of the best commercial laundry in Manchester can consider reaching out to them.

The spokesperson further added, "For the sake of data, all our linens have attached RFID chips. They provide us with data on the number of new linens, including those that have been disposed of, lost, unused, and the number of times used. In 2017, our data simple analysis recorded that The Linen Group had served 570 rooms in Manchester. In 2019, results from the analysis showed that we had offered our services to 2,895 hotel rooms. Also, we have achieved 507% growth in 3 years, thanks to our customer referrals!".

In addition, The Linen Group's RFID tags on linens help them obtain and save information on each linen. Such information includes the linen type, its last scanning date, and its frequency of washings. One of the things the RFID tags help with is, they help control and prevent the circulation of linens that have been severally used. They also keep clients from having to pay for unused linens. To hire Manchester's commercial laundry services providers, hoteliers can visit The Linen Group's website, as they offer easy access to their services online. 

About The Linen Group
The Linen Group is a Manchester-based laundry service provider. They provide automated laundry hire and laundry services to hotels, restaurants and events. The company is committed to providing every one of its customers with quality linen and superior laundry services. Their staff members also ensure that customers searching for trusted commercial laundry services near me have their needs and requirements met accurately as they want it.
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