The Linen Group

The Linen Group Offers Quality Backed Linen Hire and Laundry Services to Restaurants, Events, and Hoteliers in Manchester

Through automated technology such as RFID and Magic Eye scanning facility, The Linen Group provides affordable green and quality backed linen hire and laundry services in Manchester.


Manchester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2020 -- The Linen Group was established in the year 1987 and is a leading commercial laundry service provider in Manchester. They offer reliable, affordable and bespoke laundry services to hoteliers. The Linen Group offers automated laundry and linen services that are environmentally-friendly and cost-effective in Manchester. They make use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and Magic Eye scanning technology. Their investment in automated technology has greatly reduced their cost of operation for linen laundry services. Besides, The Linen Group also offers hiring services and provides hotel linen such as bed linens, toweling, work wears and more.

Answering a query, The Linen Group's spokesperson commented, "We are a second-generation, and family-owned laundry service provider in Manchester. We specialize in offering custom-made hotel laundry services to you whether you are a national chain hotel or a family-owned boutique hotel. We have confidence in providing you with transformative commercial laundry services in Manchester. The Linen Group possesses more than 35 years of experience in providing laundry service. Also, we are one of the first laundry service providers in Manchester to make use of innovative RFID technology".

Additionally, The Linen Group is among a small select group that runs on the notable Magic Eye quality scanning facility. The Linen Group also has the ability to process 1000 products in one hour. They do this in an eco-friendly and cost-effective manner and are well outfitted with the latest machinery that generates efficiencies of water, chemical and energy. Thus, The Linen Group is available to hotels, restaurants and events, intending to find laundry in Manchester, that are competitively-priced and offer value-added services.

The spokesperson further added, "The Linen Group is a private-owned and local Manchester laundry service provider handled by Tarik Saleem, The Linen Group's Managing Director. Every of The Linen Group's accounts is managed by Tarik, and he wouldn't take it easy with the housekeeper if he offers substandard services. At the beginning of the cycle, we purchase high-quality and durable linens. We monitor quality via a Magic Eye technology and RFID to identify damaged linens or those that have been used for a certain number of times so they can be easily removed from circulation".

More so, The Linen Group offers an automated laundry service that is productive and efficient. This enables them deliver quality products and laundry services at competitive prices. A piece of their linen is installed with an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag which holds information such as the item of linen it was installed in, the previous time it was scanned, as well as the number of times the linen has been washed. Therefore, restaurants, events, and hoteliers in need of one of Manchester best laundry services can get in touch with The Linen Group.

About The Linen Group
The Linen Group provides laundry and linen services to hoteliers, restaurants, and events in Manchester. They offer a local, transparent, and eco-friendly laundry service to Manchester hoteliers at affordable prices. The Linen Group offers sale and hiring services of high-quality and durable linens. They employ Magic Eye scanning technology and RFID to ensure they deliver quality backed services. Their automated technology allows them to identify damaged linens, including those that have been used for a certain number of times. Hence, restaurants, events, and hoteliers, that want to hire best linen in Manchester can contact The Linen Group.

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The Linen Group.
Unit 4, Shentonfield Road,
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Manchester, M22 4RW.
Phone: 0161 428 8099.