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The Linktagger Team Announce That They Will Soon Be Launching Embedded QR Codes


Troutdale, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- The Linktagger team announce today, they will soon be launching embedded QR Codes. Their embedded QR Codes will allow the inclusion of dynamic QR Codes within websites, emails or any other on-line media. Linktagger users will have the ability to generate an on-screen QR Code from a code snippet provided in the user area. The new service will be available in Qtr 4 2013, to help mark the launch of their re-designed website.

So what does this mean for QR?

We asked Linktagger’s founder Liam Winder, he told us “This is a big step for QR Codes, traditionally QR has been used as a physical call to action in a very physical way. QR Codes are printed out on paper or engraved in to metals and plastics. is also launching 3D printed QR in 2014.” He went on to say“Our new embedded QR Codes mean marketing designers can include QR Codes in dynamic media such as websites, email campaigns, moving images on public billboards, the possibilities are endless.”

QR Code innovation

One area Linktaggersaid they are really keen to look at,is embedding QR in hardware with small LCD screens such as routers and switches. Combining their new embedded QR Codes with Linktagger’s existing bespoke API’s will mean QR Code creation and presentation in real-time, taking services such as eticketing and the future of QR to a whole new level!

About is a dynamic QR Code and NFC management platform which allows the creation and management of powerful QR Codes for linking to websites, app store apps, mobile sales channels and public information among many other uses. If you haven’t signed up for a free account at be sure to head over and try them out.

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