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The Little Flower: 12-Year-Old Author Releases Collection of Uplifting Short Stories, Penned to Tackle Global Bullying Epidemic

Christine C. Taing’s inspiratioal debut release inspires children to overcome bullies, stand tall and be the beautiful flowers they were born to be. The author may only be twelve-years old, but she is committed to changing the lives of her peers around the world.


Kent, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2014 -- While most children live for the moment, Washington’s Christine Taing has her sights set far into the future. But not just her future; the future of millions of children whose lives are blighted by bullying. To provide solace to those in need Taing is finally releasing a collection of life-changing short stories that empower all younger readers to stand tall and proud in the face of adversity.

‘The Little Flower’ is hard-hitting yet speaks directly to young hearts in a way that no adult can.


Everyday, children around the world worry if they will fit in at school or make friends. But when a bully lurks in the shadows and eventually pounces, a lonely child’s insecurities can be made even worse.

Christine Taing shares tales with moral lessons that will empower children to stop and aptly deal with bullying. Children learn appropriate reactions to bullying through stories that teach them to do the right thing, take a stand, and be a friend to a child in need.

A little girl learns to be proud of her family and the meaning of a true friend. A fourth grader decides his bully is a person who needs a friend just like him. A musically-talented high school student discovers that when he sticks up for himself, no one can hurt him. A teenager, with help from a teacher, becomes a confident student who embraces his differences.

In this collection of short stories, children learn to stand tall and ultimately become the beautiful flowers they are meant to be.

“Bullying used to be just a school issue but, with my friends spending all night on their cellphones or the internet, bullying has also become a very serious issue at home,” explains Taing. “We can fight this, but it’s tough; hence why I wrote a book directly for my age group.”

Continuing, “I want to educate my peers, motivate them and ultimately change their outlook on life. We don’t have to be victims anymore!”

The book is expected to draw much praise from critics, and is due for imminent release.

‘The Little Flower’ will be published by Lulu. ISBN: 978-1-4834-2059-2.


This is the story of one little flower,
The flower that couldn't match others in beauty.
When the young bud wanted to play with the other flowers
They would laugh at the bud and say
"No way will we let a flower as dull as you play”
One flower exclaimed,
the others laughed with it just the same,
The little flower ran away so no one would see the tears forming,
The sun noticed the little flower and came down to cheer her up.
"What's the matter little flower?" asked the sun
The little flower looked up to see the sun
her eyes glistening with tears
"No one wants to play with me
even though I try so hard to impress them,
they just let me be!” it exclaimed.
The sun looked at the flower with kind soft eyes and said "It's ok little one,
I bet one day they'll all like you and you'll be the most beautiful of beautiful flower,
just you watch and wait for the hour”
The little flower smiled at the sun's encouraging words
They had helped her be strong and never gave in to the world.
A couple years have passed since that day.
There was a beautiful flower Standing tall and bright.
The most beautifullest flower you've ever seen.
That flower was none other than,
The Little Flower....

About Christine Taing
Christine Taing is 12 years old and lives in Kent, Washington. This is her first book.