The London Relocation Ltd. Launches Guide to Moving London


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2013 -- The New Year is a time when many people find themselves moving job or home to the capital of the UK. When moving to a new city it pays to be prepared and here is a brief guide from London Relocation.

London is a city unlike any other and moving there can be something of a culture shock. While England and the USA share many similarities there are also a large number of differences that catch many people unawares. To make the transition a little easier London Relocation has created a brief guide to etiquette and behavior in the Big Smoke.

While England is part of the EU it is best to avoid referring to it as being European. Also understanding the difference between England and the rest of the UK is essential. Referring to Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish people as being English will not go down well.

The old saying about an Englishman’s home being is castle is just as true now as it ever was. Do not be surprised then if you find yourself being invited to go to the pub much more often than to someone’s home. Queuing is something of a national pastime and queue jumping is something that is definitely frowned upon. Wait patiently in line even if it looks the queue is not going anywhere fast.

Cars and homes in London and the UK in general tend to be much smaller than those found in the US. Pointing this out and making fun of the fact will likely be deemed to be offensive and crass. While adjusting the customs and habits of Londoners can take some time finding somewhere to stay is easy with help from London Relocation. They guarantee to place 100% of their clients and offer a fully comprehensive service for finding the best London apartments for rent for those moving to London from the US.

About London Relocation
London Relocation is an award winning flat and home service that takes the stress out of finding a London flats for rent. Founded in 2006 by American born businessman AJ Gallo to help American ex-pats relocate to London the company now places students, families and professionals in the perfect accommodation in and around London. With a team of expatriates with more than 40 years’ experience of the London property market, London Relocation makes finding a new home in the capital simple and stress free.


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