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The Lonely Heart: New Book Prepares Singles and Those in Ministry to Deal With Struggles of Sex

While living the single life as a Christian or a Christian in ministry can be tough, Tiffany Watkins’ new book offers sound principles and advice on how to live the best and most fruitful life possible.


Anderson, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2012 -- A quick glance at the media will unveil tales of temptations and struggles pertaining to Christians and sex in the church. However, a new book by author Tiffany Watkins is poised to become an inspirational guide to those who want to counteract the pitfalls of the enemy when it comes to being single, being in ministry and the church.

“The Lonely Heart” is Watkins’ candid, personal and frankly honest showcase of information for Christian singles everywhere. With information delivered through personal testimony and the stories of others, the book is already helping countless people live their best life, being single.

The book addresses issues such as loneliness, lust versus love, controlling the desires of the flesh, how to hold out for God’s perfect will, spirit marriages and steps to reaching a personal destiny.

While her messages are strong, her intentions are heart-warming.

“I truly am passionate about helping others live a successful life as a single person,” explains Watkins, who is also a certified life coach.

Continuing, “Being single and being a Christian provides a constant tug-of-war situation for one’s emotions and morals. My book serves as an intermediary to keep people on the right track and loving their single life.”

Watkins’ intentions are two-fold. Firstly, The Lonely Heart serves to deliver invaluable information on how to deal with the struggles singles and those in the ministry are forced to deal with when it comes to sex. Secondly, the book was written to empower others to deal with their issues in a way that brings personal and favorable changes to their personal life and ministry.

“Many issues I discuss are not only helpful and relate to those that are single, but they also point out valuable information for those who are married,” Watkins explains.

The book culminates in a compelling self-assessment survey; guiding readers through a process of healing that allows them to walk into their divine destiny.

“With all of the infidelity in the Christian world, as well as those who have fallen into sexual sin, I hope my book will allow them to be victorious in their life, while also helping others to overcome the pitfalls of this sin,” Watkins concludes.

The Lonely Heart is available now from Amazon, with more information available from: http://www.renewedfaithministriesinc.com/

Tiffany Watkins’ life coaching website can be found online at: http://www.iridescencebytiffany.com/

About the Author: Tiffany Watkins
Tiffany Watkins is a Certified Professional Life Coach who has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology with a minor in Child and Family studies from Lander University in Greenwood, SC.

Tiffany has also been mentored under the Tom Bynum Life Coach Institute by Dr. Juanita Bynum.
Tiffany works with the United Way as a member of the Developing Self Sufficiency Vision Council. As a member of this council, she helps to ensure school readiness and completion, adult literacy and job skills.

Tiffany has worked as a Therapeutic Support Counselor for the Anderson Youth Association and she has worked as a crisis counselor for local crisis ministries. She is skilled at working with teenagers and worked in a teen pregnancy prevention program as a Youth Specialist and Program Director. Tiffany served for 2 years as a crisis volunteer for the Foothills Alliance Rape Crisis Center.

She is a trained Facilitator for "Darkness to Light" which is a non-profit agency with a mission to reduce the incidence of sexual abuse among children.

Tiffany loves working with people and always displays a loving and supportive demeanor even in the most challenging of situations. She is passionate about helping others reach their maximum potential on earth and desires to share this passion with millions.