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The Longest Trail: Multi-Award Winning 'True Life Novel' Tells Author Roni McFadden's Galloping Journey to Redemption

Escaping both an abusive childhood and LA’s 1960s drug culture, fourteen year-old Roni McFadden found herself at a Pack Station in the High Sierras working with horses. But this was so much more than a job. In her new semi-biographical novel, ‘The Longest Trail’, McFadden depicts how the mountains’ Ancient Spirits taught her the ways of the world and allowed her to grow into a strong and tenacious woman. This gripping and inspirational story won the 2014 ‘EPIC’ and ‘Global eBook’ awards for non-fiction, as well as a five-star review at the Readers Choice Awards. It is awakening the spirits of readers from coast to coast.


Willits, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2014 -- For those passionate about riding horses, coining life as “the longest trail” takes on a very special meaning. For some it represents the constant journey towards a destination they will never reach, while for others it’s an idiom that aligns with their abundant success. For California’s Roni McFadden, the phrase becomes an apt title for her compelling new true life novel. This award-winning story of redemption and growth transcends literature to become therapy for all who read it.

‘The Longest Trail’ takes readers from the drug-ridden streets of the LA suburbs to the enigmatic surroundings of the High Sierras. McFadden is their guide for a journey that is still taking place to this day.


As a young teen, McFadden left behind the confusion and pain of her unhappy preteen years. She tells of how she went up ~ up onto horses, up the road to a man who could help her, and up the mountain, to where she could see clearly and breathe deeply. And, finally, up to another place where only some can go. As she travels "The Longest Trail", Roni evolves from a girl stumbling along treacherous and twisted paths to become a strong young woman who knows where she is going, how to get there, and understands she will have help along the way. Her route took her over "The Longest Trail", through life, until she arrived here, now. Having had the visions, seen the petroglyphs, felt the grinding stones, and carrying obsidian chips with her, McFadden knows the strength of the spirits of the ancients, knows their energy can be used by anyone who feels their vibrations.

Spending all of her teen years in the High Sierras riding horses and managing horse-packing tours, Roni learned about animals, people, and life. In the time since then Roni has continued on "The Longest Trail", adding the wisdom of another 40 years to her perspective as she relives, and recreates those years on the pages of The Longest Trail.

As you ride with McFadden up the trail in this book, you will know the joy, fear, grief, humor, beauty and wonder she experienced in the high country, in Altadena, and all along the way, as she journeyed to this time and place by way of "The Longest Trail." "

“It’s a very multi-dimensional story,” explains McFadden, also the author of an award-winning children’s book. “It’s therapy for those with lost souls, insight for fellow equestrians, and those looking for adventure can read it as a straight memoir. Above all, it encapsulates the tumultuous journey every girl faces as she steps into adulthood, told from a radically-different perspective.”

Continuing, “History, romance, pain and adventure collide; you really won’t find too many life stories like this out there. Looking back on my younger days, I always felt as if I lacked direction; now I know that I was steadily trotting down this ‘longest trail’ and I’m still on it. Readers are also on theirs, yet life itself is the ultimate destination.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. Judi Kline comments, “Love this book. A true life story of a young woman who overcomes so many obstacles in a positive way. A MUST READ for all who want to be inspired to keep moving onward and upwards in life.”

Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman says, “While some people may see this as a horse book, I see this as a great recollection of a young girls journey into adulthood. The author made each chapter a story, with gripping stories throughout! Great job and a GREAT read! This would be a very good book for everyone who believes that good always triumphs when a person has the willpower!”

D.B. Jackson, award winning author of “Unbroke Horses”, states, “The Longest Trail is the compelling personal journey of the author as she navigates her way through the valley of demons that she must conquer in search of herself. A wise older cowboy, a horse they call Sparrow, and the adventures of a lifetime are described in a first-person voice that is so powerful it makes you feel like you are eaves dropping on all her private thoughts.

It's a great story, well-told, and written in a literary style that takes you immediately from your world to hers. Put 5-stars on this one...it warrants all five of them.”

‘The Longest Trail’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1pLhQ87

About Roni McFadden
Roni McFadden is the mother of four and grandmother of fifteen. She grew up in Altadena, CA and now lives in Willits, CA with her husband of 43 years, John.

Her love of horses and the unusual experiences she had as a teenager working at a pack station in the High Sierras are recorded in the pages of her newest book, "The Longest Trail." After eighteen years of not owning horses, a new “man” has recently come into her life ~ a beautiful Leopard Appaloosa gelding named Romeo. Once again she can feel the freedom of the wind while on the back of a horse. Her greatest pleasures now, as she gets older, are watching her grandchildren grow and thrive. As she nears retirement age she feels there might be a few more books in her!