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The Lost Fedora: Enchanting New Children's Book Fosters Spirit of Self-Worth & Good Character

Brynda Lattimore’s compelling new book fuses an entertaining adventure with a bold moral for both children and elders. Protagonist Mia becomes each reader’s lovable guide to find Grandpa’s missing fedora hat. However, when Mia’s help is initially turned down, young readers are invited to learn plenty about themselves as they venture out to find it by themselves.


Lincolnton, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2014 -- While every child’s formative years are a steep learning curve in many areas of life, fostering self-worth is one vital quality often overlooked. Worse still, many adults unknowingly quash the self-esteem of their young friends and family members.

Thankfully, author Brynda Lattimore is on a mission to help children grow up confidently, with her compelling new book. ‘The Lost Fedora’ has a moral applicable to both kids and adults – all wrapped into an entertaining story readers won’t be forgetting any time soon.


The story is about a girl named Mia who goes to the county to visit her Grandparents, while she is there her Grandpa loses his favorite hat (a Fedora).

After Mia's offer to help find the fedora is refused, Mia and her pal Buster (dog) sets out on an afternoon of adventure to find it on her own.

As the author explains, her narrative carries a very important life lesson.

“Adults will learn to really think about what they say to children, because it’s very easy to hurt their feelings and lower their self-esteem – even if it was never intentional,” says Lattimore.

Continuing, “The story will help children realize that they always count – no matter what people say to them. Also, if they set their mind on a goal and want it hard enough, they can always achieve it. We’re using a lost fedora as an example, but the mindset applied to finding it can carry children successfully through their entire lives.”

Lattimore is delighted to be bucking the trend of most modern children’s fiction.

“There’s too much blood, guts and bathroom humor in kid’s books these days. I’m harking back to the traditional days of storytelling, where each adventure comes with its own moral. More and more children are reading – so let’s change their lives along the way!” she adds.

‘The Lost Fedora’, published by Xlibris, is available now: http://amzn.to/1lyvyXf.

About the Author: Brynda Lattimore
Brynda Lattimore is a aspiring new writer of children books. A stay at home mom and a former foster parent for Catawba County in North Carolina. Her experience as a mom and foster mom has taught her to pay attention to the one thing that we ignore most and that is the feelings of our kids.