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The Lupus Bible & Norton Protocol Review Presents New Method to Eradicate Lupus discloses the secrets to the latest natural method of eradicating lupus. The new treatment, the Lupus Bible & Norton Protocol, can be safely used by any patient.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2013 -- The review published by Daily Gossip shows that the program was created by Julia Liu, who actually is one of the most renowned lupus experts in the world. The program promises to eradicate lupus by addressing to chemical imbalances. The unique formula will provide relief in only 4 days after the moment when treatment started.

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Pain will be gone, while the patient’s overall health will be enhanced.

Daily Gossip writes that the method features 5 easily to follow steps. Each of these steps is fully detailed by Julia Liu in her eBook. The creator of this program claims that users will eliminate the disease in only 2 to 4 months. During the treatment, patients need no drugs or medications. Actually, the method is a 100 percent safe one, having no side effects and no contraindications.

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What makes this program unique is the fact that it first addresses the cause of the disease. Actually, it targets the 3 root causes of lupus. The method goes further and introduces users to a list of foods that can make this disease worse.

According to Julia Liu, these foods have to be completely banned from the patient’s diet. Tap water is believed to be harmful, as well, another subject debated in the book.

The Lupus Bible & Norton Protocol review on Daily Gossip also shows that this complex eBook introduces readers to a series of natural substances, supplements and herbal remedies that can offer instant relief. A unique method to cleanse the body of all chemicals can be found in the guide. A Chinese herbal secret, exercise and nutrition tips are featured here, as well.

The eBook is very simple to access, use, understand and follow. It comes in a complex package that also includes a natural detox guide, a guide on how to boost the metabolism, as well as a manual of herbal remedies. Personal support from Julia Liu is provided to users on a period of 12 weeks.