The MamaBear App Was Mentioned as a GPS Locator App in a Recent Fox News Report

The MamaBear App was mentioned on a National Fox News Segment.


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2013 -- The MamaBear GPS locator app functionality was mentioned on February 23rd on Fox News’ popular segment Fox & Friends. Fox and Friends Saturday ran a piece entitled “Want to track your kid? There's an app for that.” The segment talked largely about the rise of modern parenting apps, as well as the potential ramifications of them in the household. Dr. Keith Ablow spoke at length regarding the risks of child monitoring apps.

The Fox & Friends segment opted to use only two notable family tracking and GPS locator apps to represent a broad spectrum of parenting apps. MamaBear was one of the two apps mentioned by name. MamaBear has extensive use both as a family tracking tool and a GPS locator app and offers a range of features for child tracking. This makes MamaBear an obvious choice for coverage, particularly when any organization wants to show off the wide range of features that the current market offers parents.

MamaBear App President, Robyn Spoto, gives a contrary response to Dr. Ablow’s belief that these type of apps take the responsibility off the parent and violates boundaries. “The MamaBear App is intended to encourage family communication and create wider boundaries for kids with safety as top priority. The MamaBear App gives parents relevant information to start a conversation with their kids. For instance, by knowing if their child left school early, they’ll have an opportunity to discuss why it’s dangerous and the potential consequences their child faces at a really relevant time. In addition, with the social media monitoring feature of MamaBear, parents can reduce the amount of time checking on their kids pages and only get information that contributes to a discussion about safety. For instance, if your daughter friends a much older stranger or is tagged in a picture that could damage her reputation. Or if one of your child’s “friends” is bullying them on their social pages, a parent can be a aware of it before the situation goes too far. The digital footprint starts early and contributes to your child’s lifetime digital reputation. It’s a completely new responsibility for parents while today’s digital world provides many new risks for our kids,” said Robyn.

The MamaBear worry free parenting app has received a wide range of media coverage several times since the initial launch in August 2012. While the coverage can vary from positive to critical, the increase in coverage on GPS locator apps and parental monitoring apps in general confirms the model is gaining attention and is a much needed discussion for parents everywhere. The MamaBear child monitoring app continues to sit at the forefront of this media attention.

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