The MamaBear Child Tracking App Is Available for Free for Holiday Phone Gifting

Information on installing the MamaBear app on a child’s new phone.


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/21/2012 -- The holidays are a pretty standard time for kids to receive a new or upgraded cellphone. It’s recommended parents set up the phones with parental restrictions and upload safety apps for features they feel is important before giving such a powerful gift of technology. Advanced smartphones, like recent model iPhones, can allow apps to be added and then restricted from child tampering, ensuring the phone continues to serve both the parent and the child. The MamaBear family tracking app is available via the App Store to ensure children receiving new and refurbished iPhones are on their parent’s radar as they explore the world with their new smartphone.

The MamaBear worry free parenting app is free and offers parents a unique way to monitor children via a new iPhone or Android phone. Enabling the restriction of deleting apps on your child’s iphones is important when using MamaBear so the child doesn’t delete the app from their phone. This allows parents to give the child both the iPhone the child wants and to give themselves some peace of mind regarding the child’s location and activities. The MamaBear app tracks children in real time using GPS technology, monitors driving speed, as well as tapping into their lives on social media, to offer parents numerous options for alerts involving Facebook and Instagram.

The holidays make a great time for a child to receive a new phone. They also offer numerous potentials for mischief as the winter break gives children time away from the structure of school in a festive environment. The MamaBear app can help parents to rest a little easier over the holidays by knowing where the child is and what they are getting into both online and off. MamaBear is available on the App Store and works best on iPhone 4 and later models.

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