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The Marketing Heaven's Social Media Marketing Strategies Replicated by Government

With the news that the government has spent $630,000 on buying Facebook Likes, The Marketing Heaven expect a surge in sales as businesses look replicate the governments successful strategy.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2014 -- It has just hit the headlines that the government has spent $630,000 buying Facebook likes. While many pundits have viewed this as a controversial decision in times of swinging austerity in other departments, business insiders have claimed the move has a strong logic to it, and cite a failure of the department to capitalize on the momentum built by such investment on the lack of social media engagement, rather than on the strategy itself. This has many businesses re-evaluating such services and seeing the value in them, and The Marketing Heaven is one of the only places to find a full suite of services for all social media platforms.

The site offers Facebook Likes, YouTube Views ( ) and Twitter Followers ( ) for businesses to augment their social media profiles with these important social indicators, which help to enhance perceived authority and generate more ready endorsement from organic likers, viewers and followers.

With the news that the US Government has spent nearly three quarters of a million dollars on such tactics, it is clear that they work and that they are now standard operating procedure for institutions large and small to get the ball rolling on their social media marketing. The Marketing Heaven are one of the oldest and most established social media businesses that offers a single source for a robust range of social media marketing services.

A spokesperson for The Marketing Heaven explained, “Not only do we offer high quality services for all major social media outlets, we also offer a triple iron-clad guarantee that makes certain anyone trusting us with their social media success will receive ultimate satisfaction from us, or their money back. The government making use of these techniques to help get their message out to the American people shows how effective and how valuable these services really are, and we are pleased that we are able to provide a full suite of such services so that people can find a single, comprehensive solution to all their needs and save money as a result.”

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