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The Marshals: Gripping New Novel Thrusts Readers Into 1875 Colorado Territory.

Written by B. Matthew Aitken, ‘The Marshals’ fuses historical with fact with fiction to depict what could become one of literature’s most thrilling chases. Showcasing the harsh and unforgiving society of yesteryear, the novel is resonating with readers from coast to coast.


Payson, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2013 -- Some of the world’s most compelling authors draw inspiration from a myriad of weird and wonderful sources. In the case of Utah’s B. Matthew Aitken, the idea for his latest novel was first spawned while serving in Germany as a Medic during Desert Storm. Having sat in a box under his bed for the last two decades, Aitken has finally dusted off his masterpiece and released it to the world.

‘The Marshals’ tells the gripping story of one man who lost it all. Using his own children’s names as leading characters within the book, Aitken proves that inspiration can truly lie close to home.


In 1869, LL Jacobs was a young man and second generation New York Banker who was ambitious and adventurous. With investment money, LL Jacobs headed west to the Colorado Territory and opens the first bank in Antimony. By 1875 the long depression was across the country and banking was hard. Then the unthinkable happened. LL Jacob’s bank was robbed. He lost everything. Sheriff Bills quickly gathers men and rides after the thieves but, they are ambushed, and the sheriff and posse are all shot dead.

The town wires for the U.S. Marshal and the legendary Adams brothers JB and Matt. The human trackers are sent along with a young new marshal, Brett James. JB and Matt can track anyone any time over any country. When the Marshals catch the bank robbers and a life and death shoot out takes place, a twist comes as the Marshals can’t find any money, and Crow Indians begin to attack. What happened to the money? Who has it? The plot thickens as the chase ensues in this thrilling tale of The Marshals.

As the author explains, his narrative has been a labor of love for most of his adult life.

“During Desert Storm I would lay awake at night thinking about my family. That’s when I decided to always have them with me, by including their names within the story. I furiously wrote while posted to Germany and eventually set the book aside when I returned home. Following much encouragement from my family, I’m now publishing it so it can get the audience it deserves,” says Aitken.

Continuing, “This is a great action-adventure tale of the old American west, with bits of historical facts mixed n. It depicts the special men and women that settled in this great country and the harsh unforgiving land they faced, including many gangs. My story gives the reader a chance to live in 1875 and be a part of the action.”

With the book a resounding success, Aitken has recently announced that a sequel is in the works.

“I left the story open so I could add to it at a later date. I can’t say too much at this stage but can add that the sequel ramps up the excitement and adventure even more than the first book. Stay tuned!” he adds.

Due to the book’s increasing demand, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘The Marshals’ is available now. For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://www.bmatthewbooks.com

About B. Matthew Aitken
B. MATTHEW AITKEN was in the army Reserve as a medic, and activated and served in Desert Storm stationed in Germany. With nights alone and missing his family, he wrote this book. This manuscript sat in a box under the bed since then. Now with the encouragement of family, he is publishing The Marshals. B. Matthew Aitken lives in Utah with his wife. He has six children and three grandchildren who live close by. He has always loved writing and telling stories.