The Metal Refinery Makes Refinement Its Business

At the Metal Refinery, their specialists and chemists use their expertise and advanced technology in refining precious metals and stones. Industries from gold sellers, jewelers and manufacturers who use the refined metals can learn specifics about the process.


Livonia, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2013 -- The Metal Refinery offers a service to industries, manufacturers, buyers and sellers of precious metals and stones. Not only is it a gold refinery, but also a silver refinery, platinum refinery, and palladium refinery. The removal of impurities in the precious metal refinery increases the value to the client. If the components of a metal are unknown or a client wants an analysis of a metal or ore, they can have it assayed at the Metal Refinery.

Gold is still a strong investment regardless of the economy. Jewelers and pawnbrokers are just a few clients who need to have their gold melted down for a new product. The Metal Refinery can be their gold smelter and gold refiner so that they can create new jewelry pieces.

“We pride ourselves on our reputation of honesty, integrity, and knowledge. We offer services for all of your refining needs. Reward yourself with the profits you deserve, and don’t settle for less. We are available at anytime to answer any inquiries, and we will always be in constant contact with our clients to make your transaction profitable as well as respectful.”

The metals that are refined by The Metal Refinery serve industries including:
- pawn brokers
- jewelers
- goldsmiths
- dental
- industrial
- gold buyer

They also have active membership in the following:
- NPA (National Pawnbrokers Association)
- Jewelers Vigilance Committee
- IPMI (International Precious Metals Institute (Patron Member)
- ANA (American Numismatic Association)
- GIA (Gemological Institute of America)

For more information about The Metal Refinery, contact Customer Service at:

Fax 1-800-756-6019

You can also find The Metal Refinery at their website or on Facebook at