The Method for Vaporizing Oils and Waxes Gets a Makeover: PuffNuggs Announces Its After Burner Oil Vaporizer


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2013 -- It used to be that in order to enjoy vapors produced from smoking an oil or wax, users had to … Now, due to a wonderful new product, users can enjoy their vapes through a convenient, small and safe device. The After Burner Oil/Wax Vaporizer by PuffNuggs is especially engineered for oils and BHO’s. Available exclusively at, this vaporizer will not work with dry herbs but works perfectly for Oils and Waxes.

Those who experience the unique flavor of the After Burner Oil Vaporizer rave about its clean, fresh and flavorful taste. However, the simplicity of use comes with the expectation that the user will follow the easy instructions and not try use it for anything other than oils and waxes. Perhaps more important is that it can produce huge clouds of vapor that can choke the user if they are not ready for such an outpouring. So using as required is important. The steps to use are simple enough. Just pack it, press the button and inhale.

The unique technology of the Afterburner makes the product 40% more efficient than traditional methods. It has a built in oil screen that allows airflow between the wax and the element. The screen protects the element from being disrupted and creates a space for the air flow. The screen can be removed for those who prefer to use atomizers without the screen.

The owner and founder of PuffNuggs, discussed how this new atomizer will impact the effectiveness and safety of vaporizing oils and waxes. “This thing will choke you out!” he said.

Let’s face it, Vaporizers provide a healthier alternative to smoking. By avoiding combustion (smoke), the user is able to achieve the same desired effects without the harmful side-effects of smoking. The website has very detailed information about how to properly use the device as well as how to videos. So, there is no reason why users should not always have a satisfying, enjoyable experience with the product.

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