The Midnight Story Series Needs Your Help

Smart Crowdfunding is slated to carry out strategic marketing initiatives for the Midnight story series crowdfunding campaign on RocketHub. This campaign hopes to raise the funds needed to bring the first story in this series to life.


Oakland, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2014 -- Author Tiffany Golden brings her dream of publishing the first story in her new children’s book series to RocketHub. This story, entitled Midnight and the Man Who Had No Tears, revolves around the protagonist Midnight, a spirit who is known as the “keeper of dreams and protector of children”. It deals with the emotional abuse, anger and turmoil that have consumed a family for several generations. With the help of Midnight, the family rediscovers their love for each other and finds the courage to heal.

The fantasy-folklore genre Midnight Story Series has a target audience of 3rd – 5th graders, and strives to teach impressionable young minds that it is okay to ask for help. The author has opted to take the independent publishing route by self-publishing her book through CreateSpace on Amazon. This enables her to maintain more control over the artistic aspects of her book, such as choice of illustrator. For her book, Golden has specifically selected ADOFO Illustrations because of the fact that they specialize in cultural art.

With all of the book’s details in place, the author has launched her crowdfunding campaign on RocketHub to help make this publishing dream a reality. The campaign has a goal of $3,200 and offers several perks to potential supporters. These perks, which are great incentives for contributors, range from a thank you on their Facebook page, to Midnight stickers, and pre-purchase of the book. There is even a classroom package which comes with: 30 Midnight books, 30 stickers, 30 bookmarks, and a poster for the classroom. Full details about the project can be found on their RocketHub campaign page.

About Tiffany Golden
Tiffany Golden trained at the Academy of Art University in California. She has worked with school-aged children for 15 years and felt compelled to create this book to help embrace their undying spirit. This story series was inspired by these children, and written with love to embrace the humanity in us all.

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