The Millionaire Within Us That Reveals the Secrets to Becoming a Millionaire Has Been Released on Amazon



Multi-Millionaire Chris Carley lays out the blueprint of how she made her first million in 3 years working from home, in her new book “The Millionaire Within Us”. Chris’s mission in life is to help everyday people achieve their New Year’s resolution of “making more money”. She provides a simple, step by step on what she has done to make her so successful these past twenty years.

Chris Carley is Hawaii’s own world renowned keynote speaker. She has now chronicled her “overnight” success story from fired factory worker to multi-millionaire in an easy to read 220 page book. “The MillionaireWithin Us” is available in hardback, paperback, and digital download on Amazon and local Hawaiian bookstores,

In her book Chris Carley shares her humble beginnings as a down and out, fired factory worker that turned her life around with a small $79 loan from her father. No one could believe how she used determination and hard-learned marketing skills from the library to earn millions and to become personal friends with Donald Trump. Now Chris is dedicated to sharing her knowledge to empower those that have a similar call for a better life.

The book has received forty (40) 5 star reviews on Amazon, and growing. Just a praise for “The Millionaire Within Us”:

“The book was not only a captivating story, but it's really a step by step blueprint that anyone can follow to duplicate her success. ”

Chris Carley has touched millions with her story and is currently speaking and doing book signings. Contact her directly to book her today.

About Millionaire Within US
Millionaire Within Us is available from Amazon and has been written by Chris Carley

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