Secret of Athleticism

The Missing Link to Athleticism Has Been Discovered


Elmhurst, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2013 -- A groundbreaking sports science research discovery featured in an eBook called “Secret of Athleticism” has been released. The discovery of a new mechanism of the foot, not only it locks up the ankle naturally to prevent ankle sprains but at the same time activates the Tibial tendons which make it possible for the proper and comprehensive engagement of the Gluteus Maximus. The discovery is so revolutionary it would make Giordano Bruno proud. The newly discovered mechanism of the foot has been masked by the shroud of the shoe, hidden from sight. By comprehending how the mechanism of the foot works, it bestows the reader an unprecedented peek into the world of athletics in a new perspective. The unifying theory that would explain all sports phenomenon we see today. It sheds new light into many disciplines of science including anthropology, archaeology, genetics, physics, sports medicine, robotics, neurology and biomechanics.

Secret of Athleticism is a must read for people who play sports, who have had sports injuries. It contains powerful secret to help them become successful in being the best athletic warrior that would arouse jealousy from the legendary Achilles himself. In every chapter of this eBook, one would find carefully placed clues that would drive the reader to question conventional wisdom and eventually arrive at a discovery of a simple yet elegant mechanism ingeniously designed within us.

The eBook Secret of Athleticism lets the reader distinguish the fundamental difference between the regular people and the elite athletes. The book features various concepts revolving around the question, is it really genetics or biomechanics? With the comprehension of the link between the special mode of the foot and Gluteus Maximus (glutes), one can expect to prevent different problems such as ankle sprain, torn MCL, torn ACL, shin splints, knee pain, patellar tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis.

About The Secret of Athleticism
The Secret of Athleticism eBook has been developed by the author through a decade of experimentation with the primary purpose of teaching the athletes how to engage glutes in deadlift and squat properly while preventing sports injuries. There is no other source that teaches people about these important aspects. The secret is not in the form, but in the activation of the Gluteus Maximus and in the sequence of muscle activation pattern in various part of the body.

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