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The Missy Jubilee Story - A Personal Film Journey Into the Mind, Sex, Life, History, Thinking & Perversions of a New Kind of Adult Film Force

Before Missy Jubilee a person could be forgiven for laughing off the idea that “porn” could be art, or offer an honest look at what makes a person who they are. Missy has paved a new way, with the star, artist, and writer stepping out to transform adult film on her own terms. With a goal set of 250 films, each revealing a different aspect of who she is, she's already 48 deep and each one has been more powerful than the last.


Sydney, New South Wales -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/24/2015 -- Who is Missy Jubilee? And why is it important.

The Future Sex Love Art Project. Erotica that appeals to people with brains, who appreciate creativity and aren't afraid to have their beliefs challenged. That's part of the vision of Missy Jubilee, an adult star, writer and director who is getting increasing exposure for her ongoing series of short adult films that are painfully difficult to categorize. Yes, they are hot, but not in the way the last generation would think about porn. Artful, for sure, but free from being pretentious. Sometimes even sad, but with soundtracks that could make any dance music club go on fire. Adult film is the last place to expect this kind of thing, but Missy Jubilee is clearly following her own direction, and it's leading to unmapped territory. Who is Missy Jubilee? She's the girl who is heralding a new type of adult film, that breaks away from convention in the most interesting and unexpected ways.

"There's many different things that go into one of my films," commented the artist, from her home in Australia. "A concept that's important to me... flashes of images, quotes and music. All spinning around in my head and begging to get expressed. Yes, there's high sexual energy. It's an important part of life, and my life in particular. But that's just part of the story. We're here to 'Make Art, Not Porn'."

According to Missy, a great deal of her early motivation was a broad feeling of disgust and distrust for the conventional adult industry, where filmmakers seem to be in an "arms race" to degrade people the most, to be the most disgusting, explicit and hardcore. Where money is king. The Future Sex Love Art Project launched as a response to this... and 48 films later, she hasn't even begun to run out of ideas.

Missy continued, "Many people though 250 films represented a huge number, but it really isn't. Who doesn't have 250 subject they would like to explore? This is an act of love and passion... sometimes it feels great and sometimes it hurts. But I'm putting it all out there for the world to see, and hopefully appreciate."

With the cinematography of Missy's films done by her husband of 8 years, the chemistry that's captured is undeniable. All the rest is Missy... cutting, editing, the soundtracks. This is may be the closest any adult film, let alone a series of them, have allowed a woman to express who she is without restraint. And as more become aware, the greater the energy grows.

"This is a 12 year project, so we have a lot more road to travel. I think it's going to be a powerful experience to look back at the person I was when we filmed film #1 to the person I am when we complete film #250. After that anything is possible."

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About The Future Sex Love Art Project
'The Future Sex Love Art Project' is a hyper-personal journey into the mind, sex, life, history, thinking & perversions of a girl - from the age of 4 to 32

With the film-maker, writer, poet & artist Missy Jubilee as the subject, this is a sex life documented, analyzed & reflected on in 250 short films, created over 12 years - using only the naked body, words, music & pop culture vignettes to tell the story

An experimental documentary film project about sexuality, shame, madness, confessions & sexual healing by Missy & Max Jubilee - two people sharing the same mind, making intimate art with a unique ambition, scale, focus, rawness & emotional intensity

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