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The Mitosis Hegemony: TechnoPolitics in the 21st Century - Arthur Van Kaseman's Latest Novella Celebrates Rave Reviews.

Telling the captivating story of a mysterious electronic signal that is intercepted by an Arizona USAF radar station, Arthur Van Kaseman’s new novella is garnering critical acclaim from around the world.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2012 -- From reversing global warming to artificial intelligence on the moon, writer Arthur Van Kaseman has a strong reputation for his ability to write compelling high-tech and thrilling science fiction. According to reviews for his latest book, Van Kaseman is now captivating a global audience.

The book in questions is ‘The Mitosis Hegemony: TechnoPolitics in the 21st Century’, which tells the story of a changing human race following a mysterious electronic signal which is intercepted by an Arizona-based USAF radar station. Set in 2020, the world exists underneath twenty feet of water due to global warming.

Hailed as ‘a modern version of 1984’ by critics, some readers have gone as far as likening Van Kaseman to George Orwell and Arthur Conan Doyle.

“Elements of the story include methods of reversing Global Warming, AI on the Moon, an intelligent computer virus and even lunar-based nuclear black mail,” says Van Kaseman, who makes his living as a New York City-based consumer advocate, artist and Fortune 500 planning consultant.

He continues, “Coupled with the expansion of the legal rights of the population beyond even the US Bill of Rights, readers are in for the ride of their life.”

Dozens of readers from Amazon and OnlineBookClub have flocked to share their rave reviews.

“Within a chapter, I was immersed in another world, not too far removed from ours, in which decisions have to be made for the continuation of our planet,” says Mandy, who reviewed the book online.

Another reader, username Rgkmzk, was equally as impressed. They said that “It is fascinating to read a Sci-fi novel with as much mystery as one of Arthur Conan Doyle's novels, coupled with the fairy tale of Cinderella. You read through the convolutions of this novel, as if they were or could be real and then it ends with all is well.”

In fact, demand for his book has also spurred the idea of a movie screenplay.

“I am delighted to announce that I am working on a screenplay as we speak. A Kindle version of the book is also in the works – it’s a very exciting time!” Van Kaseman adds.

In the meantime, all fans of Science Fiction are strongly urged to get their copy and immerse themselves in the world that Van Kaseman has created.

The Mitosis Hegemony: TechnoPolitics in the 21st Century’, published by CreateSpace, can be purchased from: https://www.createsspace.com/3678730

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About Arthur van Kaseman
New Yorker Arthur van Kaseman is an avid Futurologist with degrees in law, philosophy and political science, and a former management consultant to some of the world's largest corporations. One of his assignments was to craft, for a well-known "think tank," the European Union from the old Common Market. It tested all of his legal and political science knowledge and skills, and even his philosophical ones!

Brought up on a farm in the Big Bend area of West Texas by a lawyer dad and pianist mother, he was exposed to the arts and entertainment milieux from an early age and began writing seriously by the 5th grade. His mother turned him on to science fiction, too, and he loved Asimov, Bradbury, Heinlein and Sturgeon. He was also a big fan of Gene Roddenberry's STAR TREK series, especially the Next Generation spin-off. In fact he thinks this book answers the question, How did Earth become a utopia in the first place?

Though van Kaseman has been a prolific writer over the years, most of his work has been expository in nature for private audiences. This is his first work of fiction and has garnered several 5-STAR reviews, which can be seen at the Amazon or OnlineBookClub.org websites. Mr. van Kaseman lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with his dogs and cats and has a geologist-daughter who resides in Australia.