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The MLM Superhero Releases "8 Simple Steps to Earning a 6 Figure Income by Blogging Online

Darren Little - also known online as the MLM Superhero, releases “8 Simple Steps to Earning a 6 Figure Income by Blogging Online”. His techniques and strategies typically produce results for his students in 90 days - no matter what their level of experience.


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2012 -- Money and time are the two most important commodities on earth for people to be able to acquire their dreams, goals and desires and live the way they want to live their lives. Most people work hard to earn money, but how much money they can earn depends on the vehicle they use to earn that money. People work in jobs, professions, own businesses and invest. These vehicles earn different forms and amounts of money, but also require different skills to pursue.

Darren Little, also known online as the MLM Superhero - shows people a simple vehicle to earning a six figure income. The strategies are explained in detail in “8 Simple Steps to Earning a 6 Figure Income by Blogging Online”. The 8 simple steps use The Empower Network blogging platform and training system, that helps Network Marketers sponsor people, generate leads and income - using blogging.

Using The Empower Network, Darren was able to earn over $26,000 in cash and generate a residual income of $4150 per month in just 3 ½ months. During this time, he was also able to personally sponsor 95 new reps into Empower Network using his proven techniques.

“Empower Network is the fastest way to make 6 figures online” said Little in a recent interview, “If people want to know how to make 6 figures from home, Empower Network is the answer. With 5 different products available, the Company pays out up to $4625 in commissions for every new affiliate. Unlike other Network Marketing Companies that require as many as 50,000 people to make a million dollars, The Empower Network requires only 217 people to make a million dollars.”

MLM or Network Marketing is a great vehicle to earn passive income that greatly surpasses most day time job incomes. This business can be built part time alongside a day time job, to eventually replace one’s primary income with a much greater secondary income that is passive. It is a great way for people to customize their retirement, since retirement is more a function of money rather than age.

Little promotes The Empower Network Program as one of the most lucrative affiliate marketing programs in the industry today. The real credit he says goes to The Empower Network founders David Sharpe and David Wood for designing such a great program with incredibly effect training products and top tier commissions.

To be even more effective and earn a 6 figure income by blogging from The Empower Network, the MLM Superhero has released ten bonus webinars on top of the trainings that Empower Network already offers in a platform called The Ten Ten Formula. Now Empower Network reps have all of the tools they need to earn substantial incomes from the best blogging platform in the world today. Empower Network reps or anyone who’s interested to become an Empower Network rep can get more information about “8 Simple Steps to earning a 6 Figure Income by Blogging Online” from The MLM Superhero’s website www.GetRichInaCLICK.com. According to the MLM Superhero himself, Empower Network is the best place to make money online.

About “8 Simple Steps to Earning a 6 Figure Income by Blogging Online”
“8 Simple Steps to Earning a 6 Figure Income by Blogging Online” is a proven training technique utilized by Darren Little and his team of MLM Superheroes to make and earn the most out of the Empower Network Program. For more information, contact Darren Little at darren@darrenlittle.com or 604-771-1901.