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The Modern Fog Free Shower Mirror Now Available in the Global Market


Songjiang, Shanghai -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/04/2015 -- WeeTect has introduced the ultra-modern fog free shower mirrors that will replace the traditional mirrors used in bathrooms. This is another milestone in this industry that has received a good reception with more than 1,756 pieces being sold as of yesterday.

"It is amazing to know how much time we can save everyday while shaving in our showers by investing in getting the right, showering mirror," said the Sales Manager, Liezin Sun, when they launched the fog free shower mirror. "We have no option but, to install the fog free showering mirror," he added. People who shave in bathrooms using normal mirrors have high chances of leaving spots of hair or cutting their skin. This makes them less attractive. Therefore, investing in a good shower mirror is an added advantage.

As the name suggests, fog free mirrors do not allow fog to form on the bathroom mirror when you are bathing using hot water. This therefore will make it easy for you to tell the type of mirror used in the bathroom. Normal mirrors are not manufactured using a vapor barrier and therefore will allow fog to form on their surfaces.

The majority of people who use regular mirrors will either choose to shave first, then take the shower later, or bath with their bathroom doors open, to allow air to flow in the bathroom and condense the vapor, before it reaches the mirror. The result is that you will feel cold or uncomfortable when you get out. The fog free shower mirrors are designed to absorb moisture and condense to water drop before it gets foggy by a high end fog resistant coating technology. This is based on the research that was conducted by the WeeTect technical team. As the fog free shower mirrors in an independent one which don't need electrical power from outside, it can be taken to anywhere when you go to travel, camping and easy to move the position you feel comfortable.

This makes it easy to for one to view your reflection, thereby reducing instances of cuts and unattended spots. You do not have to worry about your plumbing being weighed down, as these days; handheld mirrors are available at very competitive rates. Depending on your style and budget, you can always choose from the available variety. This is one problem that WeeTect's shower mirrors will eliminate.

The design of these mirrors is based on the following key aspects:

Size of fog free mirror

They are of many lengths and width that you can choose from, depending on your shaving needs. However, getting the best size that will allow you to view your whole face with ease is very important. With a larger one, instances of cuts and left spots will be an issue of the past.

Reflective surface is equal to the amount of light

Some mirrors have dull surfaces and most bathrooms do not have much light, the reflective surface will determine the amount of light while shaving. Therefore, choose a brighter one.


These days many fog free mirrors come with an adjustable magnification. This makes it easy to spot an ingrown hair or spot by automatically zooming it in. If you want to view anywhere in detail, these settings will help you do that with ease.


Does the mirror have a shutter resistant glass? The WeeTect shower mirrors have this feature so it does not break easily when they accidentally fall. This in the end will save you considerable amounts of cash.


Different mirrors differ in cost. However, depending on your needs and budget, you can find the one that suits you. These fog free shower mirrors are affordable and this one distinct feature that all WeeTect products.

About WeeTecct
WeeTect has been in this industry for over 2 decades. It is the reason why they have been able to produce quality and modern fog free shower mirrors.

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