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The Most Exclusive Flexible Cutting Board by HomeWarez


Amery, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2014 -- HomeWarez has established itself as one of the most reliable companies when it comes to kitchenware. From pastry mats to meat thermometers, they house it all in the highest quality. They have now decided to produce flexible cutting boards to help fervent cooks in their everyday kitchen activities. They are a must-have commodity for the perfect kitchen. Their exclusivity roots from the fact that they have been immaculately designed and prepared by people who understand the ordinary cook’s needs and desires. From fruits to meat, and a number of other food items, these flexible cutting boards will assist the user in achieving the perfect knife stroke.

There are a total of four flexible cutting boards that the buyer will get in the package. The red board is to be used for cutting meat, the yellow is for chicken, the blue one is for seafood and the green is meant for fruits and vegetables. Icons on the corner of each cutting board will help the owners in remembering what each cutting mat is to be used for. Made by a special, FDA approved plastic material. They will accommodate the users by bending while they are used but will still not let the knife cut through the board, no matter how sharp it may be.

Another quality that can be attributed to these cutting boards is hygiene. The cutting boards are antimicrobial, which means that they will prevent cross-contamination and guarantee cleanliness. They will stop the growth of harmful bacteria by making sure that no stain or odor is left over on the mat. This will help prevent illnesses and disease in the household and will aid the user in keeping the kitchen a contamination free zone. Anyone who has spent time working in a kitchen environment will understand how important cleanliness is. These cutting boards are also dish washer safe and are specifically designed to make sure that they do not dull the users’ knives.

Flexible cutting boards by HomeWarez are available for sale on Amazon. They have a whopping 4.5 (out of 5) customer rating with over fifty percent of the reviewers giving the product a full five stars. At just $15.97, they are incredibly affordable. For free shipping, users can opt for Amazon Prime or go for a purchase of over $35. So put an end to all the cutting worries and go buy your package of flexible cutting boards now.

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