The Most Exclusive NAS Drives by Western Digital - Now Available


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- Now offering more than vast storage space, the NAS drive by Western Digital tends to offer 1TB and 750GB space for office and home systems. The NAS drive is 2.5 inch in size and is rather portable to carry around without having to struggle too much. For people who are not really aware, the WD Red Nas Drive is the first of its kind to offer such a high level of convenience and capacity. Moreover, it is for all those individuals who use network attached storage (NAS) systems in their regular routine. People now have the option of choosing between the new NAS drives which offer both 1Tb storage space as well as 750GB.

What’s more is that a 4TB 3.5 inch version of the NAS drive by Western Digital is now also available for the utmost convenience of all individuals who demand massive storage space in order to handle all their daily tasks and operations within homes or offices. AN essential thing for people to know is that fact that these NAS drives are used for increased data protection on a large scale. The NAS drives by Western Digital are equipped with the latest features, specifications as well as the new NASware 2.0 software which makes it all the more fast and convenient.

For almost everybody, price is an important factor and therefore, it really must be considered beforehand. The 2.5 inch WD Red 750GB NAS drive is now available on sale at an extremely reasonable price of $109 whereas the 2.5 inch WD Red 1TB NAS drive is for $139 only – which really does not have much difference. Finally, for people who wish to acquire a gigantic amount of capacity are recommended to purchase the 3.5 inch WD Red 4TB NAS drive by Western Digital, which only costs $329. Individuals can order these products online after following a few steps, without having to struggle too much.

These NAS drives have been specifically manufactured in order to cater of the demands of all those who require massive capacities on a daily basis. The drives can be easily integrated to work with all the other kinds of devices which are WD OEM partners. What’s more is that the NAS drives also have warranties along with them and in order to check the limited time of these warranties, all the interested buyers are recommended to visit the official website of the company at the earliest convenience.

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