The Most Exclusive Video Camera - the Canon Legria Mini


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2013 -- Video recording has become as important as photography over the recent years. People can be seen to be looking for efficient video recorders by prestigious brands. Recently, Canon has managed to stun around by releasing the new camcorder which has been specifically designed for the purpose of video logging. Canon Legria mini is the latest model in the Canon Legria collection which consists of camcorders mainly. Moreover, the video camera is being widely appreciated for the fact that it offers a 170 degree view ultra-wide angle f/2.8 lens. With the exceptional features which are present in Legria mini, the videography has been taken to a whole new tremendous level.

One of the best things about the video camera is the fact that it offers the superior optical technology which allows people to shoot and share videos whenever they want or prefer when they are on the go. The ultra-wide lens gives a wide perspective which makes it easy for people to shoot close up videos or of others with ease, without having to struggle too much about the matter. The sharp focus and the background give the videos an extra edge that they need, making the videography all the more professional and radiant. The 2.7 inch LCD touch-screen monitor enables people to adopt various styles or positions while they shoot. What’s more is that people can be as creative as they prefer and shoot their videos from different angles or perspectives, in order to fully utilize the potential of Legria mini to the maximum.

The Legria mini has piqued a massive amount of attention from many interested buyers worldwide because of its compact and beautifully sleek design. The flat design has been specifically made in order to make it exceptionally easy for the users to carry it or use it from different angles easily. The exclusive touch user interface along with the minimal buttons makes managing the video camera entirely simple. Legria mini arrives with 12 mega pixels a high sensitivity CMOS sensor, enabling users to witness an unforgettable and high quality videography experience. What’s more is that the video sharing features that are offered by Canon are undoubtedly a bonus, which gives all the more reason to people for purchasing the video camera for personal use in the future. The fun and unique effects which are built in also offer people with a chance to play with their videography ideas.

Canon Legria mini is now officially available for $429 in the market. For more information, please visit