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The Mr Lid Review Launches to Provide Independent Assessment of Infomercial Product

The Mr. Lid Review is a website dedicated to providing impartial insights into Mr. Lid, a set of plastic containers for the kitchen ideal for portion control and portable storage.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2014 -- Keeping a kitchen clean and organized can be a chore, but it needn’t be. With proper organization, the chaos of fresh foodstuffs, leftovers, ingredients and packed lunches can be brought under control. The problem is often that having enough containers for all these items causes a havoc all its own. Fortunately, a solution seems to be in sight. Mr Lid is a product that offers a wide range of containers of different sizes, all with their own attached lid, that can be stored within themselves to minimize storage needs when not in use. A new website has launched,, to provide an independent Mr. Lid Review to determine if the product lives up to the infomercial hype.

The site is set up to provide independent consumer advice on the heavily promoted Mr Lid, and does so in a plain English, straight-talking manner which blends anecdotal evidence from the reviewer and from existing customer feedback with vital statistics and frank discussions of the products capabilities to help people come to an informed conclusion.

The review then goes on to list the key pros and cons of the products, and gives a final word together with information on where to buy Mr. Lid product for the best possible price. The results are further broken down into purely editorial columns explaining how the conclusion was reached.

A spokesperson for The Mr. Lid Review explained, “We decided to expand upon our original review to further qualify the conclusions we drew in terms people could understand and empathize with. The product is versatile and easy to use, while being affordable and makes such a significant difference that we felt we needed to provide examples of how the product works to keep food fresh, and how we found it changed our kitchen habits for the better. We provide buying guides to ensure that people aren’t ripped off by imitators or companies looking to skim a profit from this must have kitchen accessory.”

About The Mr. Lid Review
The Mr. Lid Review is a new website created solely to play host to a comprehensive review of Mr. Lid, a portable plastic container product designed to make kitchen storage easier than ever. The review is completely independent and offers impartial consumer advice on whether individuals should purchase the product. For more information please visit: