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The MRD Concept: Ground Breaking New Book Urges Businesses to Focus on the Materials Resources of Their Organization

N. Satishkumar’s latest book suggests the business world makes a paradigm shift in their focus from Finance, Marketing and other functions towards the materials resources of their organization. By implementing this concept, the author believes that businesses can improve their process, optimise usage of natural resources and minimize environment pollution.


Kuwait -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2013 -- The phrase ‘Materials Resource Deployment’ may not yet be commonplace in organizations around the world. However, thanks to a new book that introduces the concept, MRD could soon become a saving grace for millions of businesses struggling through trying times.

Everything is explained in ‘The MRD© Concept: Hundreds of Companies fail every year because of inept handling of their resources, faulty materials, poor suppliers, over-stocking, ... combine to result in severe profit loss’, the latest book by N Satishkumar.


As the world recovers from this unprecedented recession, one thing becomes clear, and that is, remaining in business and remaining profitable is going to be tougher. Time has come to look, think and do differently. As Albert Einstein said, "The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them". Therefore, the business world must now focus on innovating its business processes and look at different and better ways to help themselves remain in business and make profits.

This book, in order to meet the current business challenges, suggests a business management innovation concept. This concept requires a paradigm shift in the focus of the organization's management from finance, marketing or manufacturing to the materials resources of the organization. Under the MRD concept, the materials resources referred to are not just the input materials for production in case of manufacturing or goods and finished products in case of a trading business. It also includes the finished products, plant and machineries. The concept suggests looking at the entire materials resources of an organization, its procurement, maintenance, its usage, re-use and finally disposal through a focus on materials resources deployment plan. This focus will help optimum use of the materials resources and reduce wastages to result in added profits. It does not mean that we remove our focus from marketing, finance or other business functions.

On the contrary, through this concept of focus on materials resources of the organization, it enhances manufacturing, supports marketing, builds supplier relationship and customer relationship and helps finance to get more return on its investments. This is done through re-aligning the business functions within the organization to focus on the Materials resources management and its deployment making your organization materials resources focused organization or a MRD organization.

As the author explains, the concept he outlines is of the utmost importance.

“The MRD concept is important because it segregates the organization functions between direct materials resources users and the indirect materials resources,” says Satishkumar.

Continuing, “This requires re-organizing and brings focus on the materials resources of the organization. It brings the actual knowledgeable materials resources users to work together and synergize thus creating an efficient process. This brings direct focus on the materials resources, its usage and control on environment pollution through its operations.”

With material resources making up around 90% of most organizations’ assets and with 70% of a product being material cost, Satishkumar believes it is vital for business leaders to places more priority on their material resources.

“The MRD Concept helps in deploying it effectively and that is why it is called the Materials Resource deployment concept. It can help standard practices in business process world over. A 21st century concept!” he concludes.

‘The MRD© Concept: Hundreds of Companies fail every year because of inept handling of their resources, faulty materials, poor suppliers, over-stocking, ... combine to result in severe profit loss’ is available now from Amazon: http://amzn.to/WmT2Sj / Barnes & Noble.

About the Author: N. Satishkumar
N. Satishkumar is a Certified Supply Management Professional from NLP, USA and a Postgraduate in Business Administration with specialization in Materials Management. He holds Diplomas in Business Management, Materials Management & International trade .He has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce.

He has more than 25 years’ experience in the Materials and Supply Management field and has worked as Materials Manager and Purchasing Manager in various industries in India and the Gulf such as Electrical & Engineering, Electronics, Chemicals, Service, Food, Plastics & Paper industry.

He has various articles related to Supply Management published in Supply Chain & Logistics magazines and has also presented in Supply Chain Management Conferences in Dubai and Singapore on Supplier Relationship Management and Innovation in Procurement.