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The Must Read Book for Ancient Egyptian Ghosts in NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art

Displayed majestically within a newly reopened section of NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art Egyptian wing is the instruction guide for the recently departed entitled the “Book of the Dead.” Could this ancient papyrus still be directing some wayward ancient spirits that walk the halls of this iconic museum? Maybe so says the Ghost Doctors.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/11/2016 -- If an ancient Egyptian ghostly spirit needed directions on how to navigate the afterlife he didn't have to pull his chariot over at a local rest station, he would just refer to his personal copy of the "Book of the Dead" to find his way through the netherworld. And it seems that a few ghostly spirits may still be sneaking a peak at this ancient road map according to the Ghost Doctors (aka Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides.

The Ghost Doctors have been leading groups of adventurous amateur ghost hunters through a variety of NYC's iconic landmarks including the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art. In fact, their ghostly hunts through the Met first starts with a crash course in ghost hunting 101, which includes the use of a variety of ghost hunting equipment. Following their training, the Ghost Doctors then lead their bands of rookie ghost hunters through the multitude of hallways and galleries of this famous New York institution searching for signs of paranormal encounters and on some of their past hunts they have found the Egyptian wings to be buzzing with activity.

"The ancient Egyptians held the afterlife in great reverence and much of their culture was devoted to the belief that death is only the beginning," says Dr. Stew. "But these same ancient people didn't leave anything to chance especially when taking a trip to the afterlife. They would pack their copy of the Book of the Dead -- a manual of sorts composed of magical spells and instructions that enabled them to navigate the underworld."

In fact, only recently the Ghost Doctors picked up some strange goings-on within the newly opened Egyptian wing where this ancient guide book to the afterlife was being displayed. With their doctors bag of ghost hunting equipment in hand, they detected signs of some unusual paranormal activity.

"We were passing through the Egyptian wing when suddenly some of our instruments were set off for a brief period of time in the vicinity of the Book of the Dead...putting this location on our high priority list for future investigations," says Dr. Pete.

Moreover, the Ghost Doctors say each and every ghost hunt is unique as they never know what will turn up which is not only mysterious but exciting as well.

So if one happens to be walking through the Met and runs into an ancient Egyptian mummy searching for their favorite book, don't worry the Ghost Doctors will be their librarian on call to point them in the right direction.

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