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The Myth of Spot Training and Reduction


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2013 -- Many workouts or fitness programs are targeted to markets by promising specific effects. Flatter abs, firmer glutes, toned thighs and arms are often advertised as guarantees if certain movements or workout patterns are followed. Unfortunately, these promises to tone and trim specific areas are empty as the concept of spot reduction through specific movements is not possible.

The concept of spot reduction is the belief that training a specific muscle group or body area will result in fat loss to that area of the body only. These trouble areas are the reasons that people continually seek out spot reduction methods, even though the fat never goes away. The reason that spot reduction doesn’t work is that the muscles targeted by these exercises are small in comparison with the overall surrounding muscle groups, and that fat doesn’t melt or burn away.

Burning fat is more of a descriptive term for the process by which the body uses fat to produce energy during exercise. If all sources of energy have been used up, the body will burn fat to sustain activity as long as adequate nutritional goals are being met. This usage of fat for energy cannot be specifically directed to one area, such as the hips or thighs. It’s an allover process that burns fat evenly over the whole body. Spot training can tone smaller muscles in an already trim body, but even then the area will not lose weight more rapidly or become smaller overall than the rest of the body.

Not only that, focusing solely on one specific “spot” leaves the rest of the body neglected and increases the risk for injury. The best method of losing weight and decreasing body fat is an all-over approach. If someone wants to sculpt more muscle and burn more fat, they must increase their overall fitness levels, not just the muscles of the arms, legs, or hips. Focusing on a comprehensive training program will create an overall lean body and reduced fat levels across all muscle groups.

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