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The Naked Truth: A Mum Shows What a Real Post Baby Body Looks Like


Sheffield, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2014 -- Sheffield mum of two Fiona Hennessy owns and runs Bumps And Births and she wants to celebrate real women's post natal bodies so she got naked to show the world what a real mum's body looks like.

Fiona was inspired to show the world her body after reading an amazing Facebook post by her friend Claire http://goo.gl/ntG4zU who got naked and showed off her post-baby body. Fiona went looking for more images of post-baby bodies and found the website http://4thtrimesterbodies.com/ which celebrates women's post birth bodies. This made Fiona want to do something similar and join the movement.

“After seeing the pictures of other mum's after their babies I realised my body looked pretty similar trying to get my body back to its pre-baby shape was a big waste of time. I wanted to celebrate my body as it is rather than mourn what I have lost.” Said Fiona.

To show what a real woman looks like Fiona had her friend Chris take a photo of her so she could celebrate her body.

Fiona works as a private antenatal instructor and her business http://bumpsandbirths.co.uk regularly helps women have a more positive birth. Mums to be attending her classes often ask her questions about how her body was changed by carrying and then giving birth to two children.

“Instead of sugar coating my response I told them the truth, I showed them how my body had changed. I explained my stomach muscles hadn't yet knitted back together and that I had a bigger, softer stomach, among other things.” Said Fiona.

The coming together of the interest from the people she works with and other mum's out there showing off their post-baby bodies inspired Fiona to write a blog post on the subject and attach her photo to show the world her body and the response has been amazing!

Some of the comments so far include:
“Beautiful and honest, I cried and smiled as i read this.” Nat
“That is so beautiful, photo and writing!” Lucy
“just read story - wow it's amazing!” Gita

Mrs. Fiona (Fi) Hennessy - HPD, Dip H, Dip NLP, Owner of Bumps And Births, http://bumpsandbirths.co.uk, Suite One, 8 Campo Lane, Sheffield, S1 2EF, 01143830607, fi@bumpsandbirths.co.uk,