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The National Curriculum Announced Its Release of the 2014 Guidelines in England


Eastleigh, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2014 -- Education in schools are becoming a challenge for students, teachers and parents as well. This is why standardization plays a very important role. The role of standardized book is very important as it serves as guidelines for everyone involved to know the base line on what needs to be done. There are various guidelines also available from The National Curriculum

The books are in A4 size making them ideal for usage and also ideal to make annotations in. These books are ideal for anyone involved in primary and secondary school education. These are as per the standardized curriculum and easily used by the students and teachers alike.

With respect to the EYFS guidelines and assessments there is a separate book of 112 pages. These are completely up to date with the government guidelines. These books are also available to be downloaded in the Kindle version from In terms of EYFS there is another book on profiles that will help with the assessments and reporting. These books are ideal to train students in the EYFS stage. The other set of book on the EYFS exemplification, these hold guidelines for the teachers to fill in the students profiles.

The other set of books are the SEND codes and guidelines. These are mainly for the students with special needs. These books set as guidelines to help achieve targets and assessment of the students with special needs. These books are in accordance with the send code that came into picture on 1st sept. They set guidelines on how schools and colleges need to make reasonable adjustments for students with disability or of students with special needs. These books also have guidelines for parents and caregivers to know about the adjustments that schools need to make.

The other set of books released by The National Curriculum is the guidance books for the people who run the free schools and maintained schools. There are also sounds and phonics guide that can be used to train students.

The other commendable collection of the books are the ones on children safety. These books are essential guidelines to keep the students safe. These books are also guidelines on what parents should know about keeping their children safe in schools. This is very important with so many untoward incidents happing in schools across.

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The National Curriculum is an official retail outlet of Shurville Publishing Limited. They distribute copies currently of the 2014 national curriculum of England, both for primary and secondary schools.

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