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The New Constance Hotel Soon to Bring Prestige in Pasadena


Pomona, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2014 -- The old Constance Hotel will come out brand new as it is scheduled for a soft opening in December. The historical renovation is just in time for the Rose Bowl Game and the Rose Parade. Upon building code inspection, workers discovered a historical treasure that will contribute to the rich customs of the city.

Robert Ritner, the architect of the $76 million historical renovation, planned to incorporate the historic designs underneath the Thai restaurant and furniture store right after the workers discovered some intricate designs. In a recent interview, he said, “We actually were originally planning to demolish the building back when we were doing the initial design. Then through the course of investigating hazardous material presence to see if anything needed to be a abated, we discovered this cavity behind the existing facade and that’s when we called on the historical consultant and we decided to try to salvage the building.”

The hotel was established in 1926, so its surfaces eventually wore off. Its façade was damaged over the years. With the use of archival photographs, however, the stone embellishments and other artistic structures can be fully restored.

“Unfortunately, as we are uncovering it, some of it is damaged because in the 50s some guys with hammers decided to knock off any trim that was sticking out to put on the stucco facade, but I believe what is damaged they will be able to adequately repair,” Ritner said.

Sue Mossman, the director of Pasadena Heritage also has something to say about this project. “We feared and assumed, as did the city, that when those simplified storefronts were put up they had obliterated anything underneath them, so it was very exciting to find a lot of the original decorative material there.”

She added, “It was a modernization idea that was prominent in the 50s and 60s to take these old buildings and make them look modern. “It was probably the most inexpensive solution was to just cover up the fancy stuff with something very simple that looked new and modern.”

Constance Hotel will undergo two phases of renovation. The first phase is a scheduled soft opening where fixtures and structures shall be restored. The second phase will have additional 25 rooms, a space, and conference rooms. The whole project is spearheaded by Spectra Company, the expert in historic renovation, preservation and protection. To know the status and progress of the project, visit