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The New DESK.WORKS App Is Revolutionizing the World of Work


Silicon Valley, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2016 -- Those traveling on business and looking for a quiet space to work in now no longer need to surrender to working from cafes or train stations. The ideal alternative to finding a great workspace starts with the new DESK.WORKS app.

Journalists, freelancers and, even, startups looking for space can book a workspace at their current location or at any desired location simply and in less than 60 seconds with a couple of clicks via the website. They are directed straight to the workspace via the app's sat-nav and can therefore get straight to work. They have the choice of booking using a monthly or daily flat rate, depending on the length of time they need the workspace for.

The benefits are obvious: Besides a quiet working atmosphere they'll find standard office furniture to hand that they can use without them having to buy this themselves.

The benefits for those renting workspaces are also obvious. Besides monetizing empty, unused workspaces scouting personnel is an unbeatable argument in favor of DESK.WORKS: How else would you get introduced to different experts across so many different industries right in your own workspace?

Scheduled staff appraisals often go hand-in-hand with an unrelaxed atmosphere. This is in stark contrast with exchanging ideas whilst co-working and networking which leads the way to the most open-ended collaborations and inspiration possible.

DESK.WORKS has various options available and achieves a WIN-WIN situation for those looking for workspaces as well as those offering workspaces for rent. Those who take advantage of this will be able to revolutionize their own workspace. Nothing else but a grasp for its potential and an interest in people is required.

DESK.WORKS provides complete system solutions for companies with empty units.

The DESK.WORKS app has become the largest co-working space service within just 6 weeks after being launched. Half of all downloads come from the USA, the other 50% of downloads are from German speaking countries (Austria and Germany). "This rate of downloads documents the desire for modern workspaces," said a happy Waldemar Ariel, founder and CEO of DESK.WORKS, on the first milestone for the use of his app.

DESK.WORKS Sp. z o.o. has offices in the USA, Germany and Poland.

DESK.WORKS is leading the strongest office trend of our times: mobility.

DxW is a mobile app, which allows booking temporary workspaces in hundreds of locations around the world. It takes just a few clicks to book a desk at startup offices, co-workings or other crazy place. D.W users don't have to spend time googling temp offices in the city they visit. They don't need to work in hotels or cafes. It doesn't matter if they are in London, Tokyo, Beirut, Bali, Berlin, New York or Silicon Valley. They open D.W app, check the closest locations, pick the one they love, book a desk and DESK.WORKS will even show them the way to the office.

DESK.WORKS is ideal for freelancers, start-uppers, entrepreneurs and any other kind of free-roaming business(wo)men. Co-workings, companies and individual workspace owners can offer their own desks for temporary or long-term rental to other users.

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