The New Economy Is Upon US and the Rules Have Changed

The Four Cs - Strategies for Success in the Entrepreneurial Era


Santa Fe, NM -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2014 -- A new document titled, The Firefly Principles: A Manifesto for Generating Income and Impact in the New Economy, introduces the idea of the Entrepreneurial Era and the new economy movement. The economic crash from 2008 has brought to us a variety of changes over the years. One big change that people are talking about is that we are living in a new economy. Economists are positing arguments for and against the reality of the new economy. Most would agree, however, that we have experienced changes economically and this manifesto written by Rubina Cohen guides businesses and organizations through what those changes are, how operating in the same manner as before can hurt us and what to do instead in order to succeed in the new economy.

In the manifesto Cohen speaks about living in, what she has coined as, the Entrepreneurial Era and that the new economy movement is the effect of this transition. Cohen says the new economy movement is “...where small is becoming the new BIG thing. It's where small is becoming the majority. The New Economy is where the entrepreneur is quickly becoming the norm and setting new standards in business, where impact and service are just as important as reach and revenue.” She goes on to explain that because of these changes we have to stop doing things the old way and adopt new strategies for success as soon as possible

“Consumers, donors and supporters are making decisions differently.” explains Cohen. She shares that in the past we were okay just communicating the benefits and results we produce. “Now customers and donors want to know why YOU?” There are lots of people who can solve the same problem for them or provide similar results. It seems “Why you?” is the integral question for businesses and nonprofits to answer.

The 4 Cs also includes collaboration as one of the cs. Rubina advises that businesses and non-profits quickly adopt a collaborative model of operating in order to attain the results they desire and need to succeed. The other two Cs are creativity and finally consistency. “The last two Cs are so important” urges Cohen. She says that it is because we are in an Entrepreneurial Era, people now have more choices on who to work with. Therefore, we learn that creativity and consistency can put your business or organization in the top tier. “It is through daily creativity that one achieves innovation. It is through consistency that one produces impeccable results. You’ll see amazing results in your organization or business just by practicing creativity and consistency alone.” says Cohen.

To recap, the 4 Cs are as follows:

1. Connection.
2. Collaboration.
3. Creativity
4. Consistency

The manifesto explains each of the four Cs in much greater detail and includes a 4Cs checklist for businesses and organization to gauge where they stand and where they have gaps. There is also an action planning guide to help prioritize goals and actions for developing the 4Cs. The Firefly Principles: A Manifesto for Generating Income and Impact in the New Economy is available for download from the Firefly Strategies website. Go to: to get access.


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About Rubina Cohen
Rubina Cohen is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, mom and self-proclaimed meditation junkie. She is the Owner and Principal of Firefly Strategies, Founder of the 4 Cs - Strategies for Entrepreneurial Success in the New Economy™ and author of the The Firefly Principles - A Manifesto for Generating Income and Impact in the New Economy.

Her passion is to work with entrepreneurial spirited organizations and people and help them realize their greatest income and impact potential. Over the past 13 years Rubina has worked with a variety of employers and clients in both the for profit and nonprofit worlds focusing on marketing, communications, community building, sales, and business growth.

Rubina is also a disciplined student of martial arts, meditation and yoga.

It is her passion, experience and discipline combined, that make her excel in her work and what she brings to the table for all her clients.

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