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The New Electronic Cigarette UK Ban


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2013 -- The UK has announced that new regulations and a new electronic cigarette UK ban will take effect for electronic cigarettes starting in 2016. All electronic cigarettes that include nicotine will fall under these new regulations. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency or MHRA released this statement about electronic cigarettes recently. These new regulations will apply across the UK and there are plans afoot to implement them across Europe as well.

Until 2016, electronic cigarettes will still be sold under the current rulings, but the MHRA strong advises not using this product until the regulations come into place. A ban is seen as inappropriate at this time. The electronic cigarette is basically a nicotine delivery system that has the look and coloring of traditional tobacco cigarettes, but uses flavor liquids that contain nicotine instead. When a smoker draws in on a electronic cigarette, a heating element changes the flavor liquid into water vapor which is then pulled into the lungs.

Since nicotine is at the core of the new regulations, electronic cigarette manufacturers have over two years to adjust their products so that they fully comply. Until then, their current line of products will still be sold over the counter as before. The purposes of these new regulations are to create an even safer product such as the nicotine patches and gums that are currently in use. It is true that some manufacturers have expressed concerns about the new regulations, but all of this was the result of court action where the Federal Drug Administration of the United States was unable to regulate e-cigs as a drug-delivery device. For more information, visit E-CIG HUB .

Elizabeth Morgan
London, United Kingdom