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The New iPad Mini Release by Apple

The latest in the revolutionary famous i-series, from the house of leaders in creativity, iPad mini with Wi-Fi capabilities will be launched in the U.S.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2012 -- Recently the iPad mini was revealed by Apple and it got warm reviews. The mini iPad review came from different sources and most of them compared it with the Kindle Fire and Google Nexus. Though it is not bad, but the mini iPad pricing seems to be higher if we have a look at the features. There are comparable smartphones that are priced lower than the mini iPad price. Some of the features of the iPad mini include:

Build: It is thinner and lighter than expected. One can carry it easily in one hand and the reduced size makes it easier to store the phone. Apple had stated that they will be building the iPad mini from scratch and not just shrink the size of its big brother. It is 7.2mm thin and 308g light. Screen-rotations lock and volume buttons have been moved on to the right side whereas the head phone socket can be found on the top. It comes with stereo speakers and lightning connector. It proves to be a good competitor to kindle and its reduced weight makes it easier to handle.

Screen: It has a fantastic LED backlit screen that looks great on the 7.9 inch screen. There are vivid colors, webpages open quickly and you can view the contents in 4:3 ratio screens. Its screen resolution is of 1024x768 that has 163ppi. All the apps will work easily without any type of letter boxing. The photos and videos look amazing and one can fit around 25 icons in a single page.

Camera: The camera is of 5MP and is almost similar to the ones found in bigger iPad. One can now take photos easily by keeping the Mini in one hand. The captured photos are amazing but its 1080p video is even better. One can also connect easily and start video chat through its camera using the FaceTime app.

Performance: Powered by an A5 processor its games, apps and websites run incredibly smooth. It is loaded with the LTE and one can run the 4G network easily in the iPad mini. The superfast browsing feature makes it amazing and it is compatible with other routers. iPad Mini might do better than the 3rd gen iPad as it has a better processor and good battery life.

You can read more mini ipad reviews on and also have a look at the launch video here The thinner shaped and curvy mini makes a better mobile experience and is very durable to bring everywhere you go. It is expected to do well and is expected to give some tough competition to the Google Nexus and other similar competing tablets this holiday season.

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