The New Japan Dating Site Meets A National Need


Tokyo, Japan -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/26/2011 -- Singles looking to find that Mr. or Mrs. Right could only hope that their own government would offer to help facilitate the process. Dating isn’t typically seen as a national priority, but low marriage and birth rates in Japan have attracted the attention of the country’s leaders. Understanding that healthy marriages and growing families create stable societies, Japan is on the cutting edge worldwide in an effort to marry off her citizens and increase the national birthrate. A national website was designed to encourage Japanese dating, and government officials even urge civic employees to leave the office by 6:00 for dinner dates.

"At 1.34 children per woman, Japan's fertility rate is one of the lowest in the world, well below the 2.1 that is considered the minimum for a developed nation to maintain a constant population."

With high numbers of eligible Japanese singles, especially women who have foregone marriage in favor of career, and now the national government’s blessing, a new Japan dating site couldn’t come at a more opportune time. part of the World Friends Network, steps in to meet a clear need. This site connects both Japanese and non-Japanese men and women, allowing users to search an extensive database of potential matches based on criteria such language, location, and age.

And despite its name, is designed with more than just dating and romance in mind. Traveling to Japan and looking to connect with locals? Learning Japanese and hoping to find a language partner for conversation? Living as an expat and trying to get connected in your community? This site allows you to find friends and contacts in Japan, helping not only to spark relationships, but also to facilitate cross-cultural communication and appreciation. is a part of WorldFriends Networks, the leading multi-lingual travel and language exchange community. WorldFriends Networks gives travelers, language learners, and wanderlusts the opportunity to meet and interact with a worldwide community for ‘internationally minded’ socializing. With its focus on cultural bridging and mutual appreciation, WorldFriends Networks promotes global harmony and friendship. Sharing interests, perspectives, languages and travel experiences, the site boasts over 2 million members from 237 countries, including language teachers. Members use WorldFriends sites to meet new friends in cities they travel to, find language exchange partners, pen pals and teachers, and other internationally minded people.

Users of this Japanese dating site will appreciate the large community of Japanese friends and connections they can foster via this extensive social networking site. And if a friendship or mutual interest should lead to marriage, rest assured that you’ll have even the Japanese government wishing you well. To learn more about the Japan Dating site, please visit: