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The New King: Historical Fact & Fantasy Fiction Meld in Compelling New Teen Novel. It's Time to Outsmart the King

Written by Martin McAlear and Lyndsay Sinko, ‘The New King’ engages the reader as they join forces with the young Prince to build their own kingdom. By cramming the book with an abundance of historical fact, the book’s two dynamic authors ensure that their novel offers far more than just a story. It’s a trip back in time where all teens wear the crown and govern their kingdom with gusto.

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Mississauga, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2013 -- To the authors it is a dream come true, to readers it is a novel unlike any other and to critics it has been described as both “the next big thing” and “Game of Thrones meets Harry Potter”. In short, it’s a compelling new teen novel that is not to be missed.

‘The New King’ follows the life of a young Prince as he does what all youngsters dream of – building a kingdom that follows his rules. However, remaining King of the castle is easier said than done.


During the dark times of savagery and turmoil, a young boy named Prince Martin rebels against the torturous and inhumane ways surrounding medieval life by outsmarting a king and building his own kingdom.

At this refuge, he faces bloody wars, treacherous people and difficult decisions that he must overcome if he wants to restore hope and peace for the people.

Leading up to a final war between all the kingdoms, Martin must think of something that will save his kingdom before it goes up in flames once and for all.

As the author explains, this is no ordinary work of fiction.

“Teens are captivated by their own imaginations – making literature the perfect vehicle from which to teach. Aside from our own creative talents, Lyndsay and I diligently gathered a wealth of historical information to make the narrative come to life. Therefore, it’s a unique fusion of the real world and fantasy; a cocktail that will spark the imagination and foster a desire to learn more at the same time,” says Martin McAlear.

Continuing, “It allows young people to tie the narrative into their own lives, while remaining mysterious and distant enough for their own wild imaginations to own part of the story. Feedback to date has been nothing short of impressive.”

In fact, since its release, the authors have received a flood of positive reviews.

“Written for those who are especially interested in action, adventure, war and even romance, the novel offers an escape for people of all ages into another world that once was. Based on actual events and battles that happened, The New King also includes a lot of historical elements that make it both an entertaining and educational read,” says Natalia Balcerzak.

Ashley Moniz was equally as impressed, adding, “In reading this book, young people are not exposed to a new and unseen world. In fact, they find themselves in quite the opposite. They are invited on an exciting adventure into the world of their past. Such exposure for young people can broaden their interest in learning about such a world.”

With sales poised to soar and offers for a movie already coming in, the novel is set for an historic future in its own right.

‘The New King’ is available now: http://amzn.to/19I0jSr.

More information can be found on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheNewKingSeries and on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheNewKingBook

About the Author
Lyndsay Sinko majors in English and Professional Writing at the University of Toronto. She is interested in literature of all types and wants to pursue a future career as an editor and writer. Lyndsay lives in Mississauga, Ontario with her parents and younger brother. "The New King" is her first official publication as a young writer.

Martin McAlear started writing after he returned to university as a mature student to study Philosophy. He has been married to his wife for eighteen years and has two sons and three step- children. Martin owns and operates a maintenance company in Mississauga, Ontario where he resides.