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The New Patented Technology for Weight Loss Offers Rapid Weight Loss and the Ability to Maintain an Elevated Metabolism


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2017 -- A new weight loss program based on patented technology will be soon be launched, that is designed for people who want to lose weight and gain back their most important asset: their health. The ShapeMasters promises an all natural, effective and is scientifically backed solution to the problem of weight loss and slow metabolism. The program has been designed after the strenuous research into the reasons behind stubborn fat and decreased metabolism. The system has been designed to be easy to follow and flexible to suit the needs of different people from various walks of life.

The spokesperson for ShapeMasters said: "ShapeMasters simple, easy-to-follow targeted weight loss program enables our client's success in losing unwanted fat, permanently! We take the mystery out of weight loss and equip our clients with the knowledge, tools, and guidance to successfully undergo a total body transformation! With this kind of promise, what have you got to lose?"

ShapeMasters weight loss program will involve simple steps that begin with a free ShapeMasters consultation and body composition evaluation session, after which clients can begin their treatment using the patented weight loss technology, they will also receive a personalized treatment program and a nutritional plan from the in-house nutritionists, clients will have to come back once every 7-10 days for corrective treatments which will provide up to 25lbs of weight loss in just 5 weeks, with no side effects. The revolutionary system uses harmonic resonance or better known as vibrational sound frequencies, for the cellular communication to be restored the body is flooded with the corrective frequencies. After undergoing a consultation and starting the system, clients will be equipped with patches to place on their body which have the same corrective frequencies. This allows ShapeMasters to continuously flood the body with these corrective frequencies which in return restores the fat cells and most importantly the slowed metabolism. Ultimately the rapid weight loss occurs in a safe and natural way.

One of the most prominent benefits of the ShapeMaster is its ability to provide fast and safe weight loss with the need for pills, supplements, strict exercise plans and other gimmicks. The weight loss is achieved by all natural corrective cellular restoration frequencies that elevate the metabolism and attack stubborn fat that is notoriously tough to burn off. The ShapeMaster weight loss system is a uniquely designed fat burning program that has been created for people who have either exhausted other options or are looking for a guaranteed safe and effective way that has its roots in nature and science to provide weight loss. ShapeMasters is the results of extensive research on the subject on how metabolisms work, how they burn fat and what causes them to gain the fat in the first place has been used to make this system, this program overcomes loop holes other weight loss programs do not address.

Plenty of ShapeMasters locations are expected to open up throughout the US.

About ShapeMasters
ShapeMasters is a patent technology for guaranteed all natural weight loss.

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