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The New QR-Code Child ID - a Transformation of Technology Into Child Safety

Liv & Leo, Inc. releases its innovative solution to improve child safety with its version of unique wearable child ID/medical Id products using QR Codes that give parents a peace of mind - SmartKidsID!


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2014 -- Either a child gets lost in a public place or needs special treatment in case of a medical emergency – it’s a parents’ worst fear not being able to protect a child in a situation like this!

With 'SmartKidsID' child Id and medical Id products Liv & Leo, Inc. created an 'easy to use' solution that reconnects a lost child with the parents fast and provides a helper with any possibly lifesaving medical information as quickly as possible! The combination of a unique QR Code and a toll free Help Hotline connected to a unique child Id online profile made it possible to keep a child’s information private, but still quickly accessible to a helper! Products include bright colored ID bracelets and Id shoe tags that are waterproof and tested for the use by children.

A helping person can scan the code with a smartphone or call the toll free number that is provided on the product to access a child’s information. An instant after the QR Code is scanned the account holder will be notified about the child’s GPS location. Profiles can be created free of charge on a secured and password protected page at Products are pre-engraved and can be linked to a child Id profile by activating it with a secret code.

To protect a child’s identity a helper can just access information parents selected to make public when creating the profile. This could be a child’s first name and parents phone number, but also any medical condition, allergies and medications a child is in need of when in an emergency!

QR Codes can be scanned and activated with the newly released 'SmartKidsID' App or any free QR Code Scanner available in the App Store.

When a child goes missing and parents have to contact local law enforcement agencies a “Missing Child Alert” can directly be sent from the account with all of the child’s information plus additional information that could be helpful to locate a child as quickly as possible.

SmartKidsID products are available online at and on Amazon.

About SmartKidsID
San Diego, CA based SmartKidsID is owned by Liv & Leo, Inc. a company founded by a mom of three out of the need to provide cost efficient solutions that improve child safety and first responders reaction time.